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    The third official Battle Competition for Sun and Moon will be underway in February. The 2017 International Challenge: February Edition will use the same rules as Video Game Championships and counts towards your Championship Points if you intend to compete in VGC later this year. For the rest of us, this is our chance to get the Beedrillite and Mawilite mega stones which are prizes for entering into the competition. The rules for the competition are listed below:


    • The February International Challenge is a 3v3 Double Battle format; where you can battle 15 times a day (45 in total). Pokemon will be reset (up and down) to level 50 for this competition.
    • Only Pokemon caught in Sun and Moon between Pokedex Numbers 001-301 can be used
    • Zygarde, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, Magearna and all Island Scan Pokemon are banned. 
    • Item usage is permitted but mega stones are banned. 
    • You cannot use two Pokemon with the same dex number or two or more of the same held item.


    More in-depth rules and regulations will be announced shortly. The competition will take place between February 24 and 26 (UTC timezones). Note that if you fail to make your fifteen battles, they will carry over to the next day; however you will not be able to battle after 23:59 UTC on January 26. Sign-ups take place between Feb 16 and Feb 23. If you're unsure how to sign-up; use this short list of pointers:



    • Step One: Before the competition begins, go to the festival plaza. Then go online. Click Battle on the touch screen and then 'Download Rules'. Then, download the ruleset of the current battle competition you're going to register for. Step one is now complete.
    • Step Two: Create a Pokemon Global Link account. The PGL is a site that maintains a profile for yourself and takes notes of your online scores. Once created, make sure to go back to the plaza and register your current game (to the PGL) from inside the castle. (Speak to the girl near the PC).
    • Step Three: Sign-ups will be open for one week before the competition begins. If you fail to sign-up, you won't be able to participate. Log-in to the PGL and sign-up for the competition on it's direct page during this time. 
    • Step Four: If you're signed up, then make your team. It should go in one of your Battle Boxes. You can only use one team of six (and can't edit it) for the duration of the entire competition. This will not be locked until you begin your first battle on January 27.
    • Step Five: When the competition starts, go to the Plaza, then online, then Battle and visit the battle spot and choose 'Online Competition'. You will be thrust into your first battle and your Battle Box will be locked until the competition ends. Good luck and have fun!


    For more information on the competition, please check the official Information Briefing HERE. Meanwhile, comment below and lemme know what team y'all are gonna bring to this Battle Comp. There's only a few weeks till the game is underway. 



    #HuntySUGGESTS: Please, Firetiger, Anarchy, Razorblade

    #HuntySKIPS: Intro, Grade & Liquor, No. 1 Lady


    Neon Hitch (her actual name) is an English singer, songwriter, and stoner. She was featured on a decently big hit a couple years back by Gym Class Heroes called "Ass Back Home", but has really struggled commercially as an artist, considering that she scrapped her last album concept, Eleutheromaniac, due to monetary issues. I'm relatively new to her discography, but I've pretty much immersed myself in her discography for the past few months. "Fuck U Betta," "Get Over U," and "Yard Sale" constitute my pre-Anarchy trinity, though "Picasso," "Click Click," "Some Like It Hot" and "Subtitles" are all masterpieces!

    Going into this album, I was expecting a lot considering the relative quality of her previous work. However, upon first-listen, I was left incredibly disappointed by the overall cheapness of the album, literally. The production is really cheap on songs like "Neighborhood", though I can't really fault her for it considering her various monetary predicaments in the past. But like .... ~50% of the album is either literally freestyled or just comes off as freestyled. The album comes off as quite rushed, which is disappointing.

    However, there are a lot of standouts on Anarchy that made the wait ultimately ... mildly worth it. "Please" is a lovely ballad that I personally believe ranks among the best of her discography. It's just a really simple love ballad and I think it's more resonant than a lot of the cuts on the album.. A lot of the album comes off as a drugged haze (all shade to Neon tbh!), but "Firetiger" is a really soulful mess that I also think has a lot of resonance as a whole. According to @Americunt, it was actually intended to be a tribute to Amy Winehouse for three reasons (her being roommates with Amy, the whole tiger/"Lioness" conceit, and the general Frank-esque air to it), which made it come off as a lot more moving to me altogether. I also liked the title track for being boppy (albeit freestyled af), and "Razorblade" for being generally cool. It's a messy album, but the highlights are really nice.

    Altogether, I'm not entirely sure if I personally thought the wait for Anarchy was ENTIRELY worth it, considering all the lowlights, but the highlights are awesome and definitely snatch my edges!


    #HuntyNITPICKS: Ultimately, you'll prefer it if you're a previous stan of Neon Hitch, but songs like "Please" and "Firetiger" are really beautiful so check those out first tbqmfh  tLcu9tG.gif




    #HuntySUGGESTS: Symmetry of Two Hearts, Home. Careful Whisper, Won't Do

    #HuntySKIPS: Little Bit, Into the Night, All in the Name


    Bright Light Bright Light is the stage moniker of Welsh singer-songwriter Rod Thomas, and his music can loosely be surprised as nu-disco-influenced dance music. His music is very fucking gay, but Choreography is definitely more flamboyantly gay than his previous albums. There's literally a song about rough anal on this album, whereas the gayest he got on Life Is Easy was the saccharine "Lust for Life." Basically, if you're homosexual, you should check out his music because sometimes some male musical dick isn't that bad!

    Honestly though, my biggest problem with Choreography was with how bloated it was. It's so gay it's almost hard to swallow (no pun intended!), especially considering the lengths of some songs. Apparently this album was intended to be a concept album of sorts, akin to some kind of stage production, which is why everything is so big and overblown. I understand what he was going for from an artistic perspective, but if you compare songs like "All in the Name" to songs like "There Are No Miracles" ... it's a little much.

    Altogether it was a good album though! This album was mostly very hit-and-miss, but the standouts were really nice. "Symmetry of Two Hearts" is definitely my favorite from the album, mostly because it's like shimmering in gay camp. A lot of this album comes off as a male and gay Light Years considering how campy it is in general. Of course, there are a lot of points on the album that are introspective and emotional, like the midtempos "Home" and "Won't Do". Another standout is "Careful Whisper", which is one of the best ballads on here imo. Bright Light x2 ultimately wound up doing the ballads better justice than he did the uptempos, which was funny considering that I thought he did the opposite with his last album.

    Ultimately, I thought it was a step down from Life Is Easy, but I personally thought that that was a great album regardless, so it would be hard to top either way. I'll just have to listen to Make Me Believe In Hope in full first to fully assess the quality of this album in comparison to the rest of his discography. 


    #HuntySUGGESTS: but only if you identify as gay




    #HuntySUGGESTS: White Light (Single Edit), Indecision, Make It Up, Touch

    #HuntySKIPS: Kidz 'N' Stuff, The Space Tapes, White Light (Extended Cut)


    Shura is the stage name of a winter lesbian named Alexandra Lilah Denton, and she's a singer, songwriter, and producer. I've been into her since "Touch", but my interest as her has been fluctuating over the years: I never liked "2Shy", always felt super indifferent towards "Just Once", but I did like "Indecision" and I did love "White Light". Her music is like ... vaguely chillwave, but she's incorporated heavier beats for this album which was nice!

    The process of waiting for this album was excrutiating to say the least given her fucking nerve to make us wait so many years of almost complete silence to wait for shit like "The Space Tapes". The fucking audacity ... this album can be so self-indulgent in that sense to the point that it's almost ridiculous. "The Space Tapes" is legitimately a 10 minute song which is literally three random acapellas, from three different songs on this album, stitched together under an ugly waltz instrumental. She really went fucking overboard and Pitchfork to the max. tLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.giftLcu9tG.gif . She even tainted her best song by elongating it and tacking on a different closer to it, which was ridiculous also. The last two songs literally make up a 20 minute long lull. C'mon hunty ...

    She's lucky I like her though! The production here is like really rich and it works a lot better for the more immersive songs on the album like "White Light" and "Touch". "Make It Up" and the title track are the two best new cuts from Nothing's Real, but they still strike me as mildly fillery tbh. The strongest songs on the album are the pre-release singles barring "The Space Tapes'. "White Light" has a really nice groove to it that strikes me as disco-influenced, which is cool though I do prefer the curtailed single cut because it was spread pretty thin across the album extended cut. "Indecision" and "Touch" are super glossy and really resonant, which is also something I can even say about "2Shy" which I don't even care about that much. I really wished she remastered "Just Once" though and put it on the album because there were a lot of places that it'd have worked out for her better than certain album tracks (i.e. "Kidz 'N' Stuff I mean wow pls).

    Overall, it was a disappointment but it was still good! It was one of the stronger albums released this month but definitely not the strongest, as that probably went to something a lot more coherent like For All We Know. Maybe the album will be more effective for people who are first sampling Shura, but the contrast between the already-released singles and the now-released album tracks is .... glaringly obvious.


    #HuntySUGGESTS: ultimately, it could've been a lot better, but I think it'll sound a lot better to fresh ears than it did for me! I did like it regardless though



    also I just wanted to remind everyone of the superior single!

    vls3imO.jpg  > C1zabGJ.jpg


    I had a busy and tubulent year, q1 and q2 were PRISM levels of success and moderation but q3 was a mess! literally my artpop or bionic(these are terms of endearment not drags if anyone tries it) I think I almost lost everything in q3, but I bounced back and I promise myself to rise from now on. q4 is shaping up to be 1989-ish or Beauty Behind The Madness. Revamped everything but not too much. I'm mostly looking forward to my Christmas break. This is a first for me, cause it's an entire week. I didnt know a 5 day Christmas break exists.



    cant wait to play FFXV and Watch Dogs 2


    Waking up to cinnamon and ham


    The upcoming family and social gatherings


    I'm all geared up for the holiday clapbacks, my family aint safe!


    I deserve my break, all of it.




  4. Ariana-Grande-Shares-ltigtDangerous-Woma

    feeling like I'm the only person that likes every single cover except the Japanese ver. tbh.



    pqiowepoitiwqegi[riogrwqtcpwp[qwupoweoruqwrqw[eupoewupo[qewuuewqiopqewiorycpeqwyryewoirypqweriopweqpryqweporycopwwyeqyipoqopq FUCKING SLAY ME WITH EVERYTHING LITERALLY EVERYTHING QPPQEHFEHWFWRGHREWIGOPRIEPHIPHPpoishiopghewipofghpoiwerhpoiehrgoiphoerwihoiprehgioprehoiphweroipgpuphhgpoirpre INTO YOU. SIDE TO SIDE. GREEDY (OWIAHFOHW) EVERYDAY. FOREVER BOY. TOUCH IT. AW;EGHOQWHIOWHQRIOPRHFIO




    • Kylie: 78/100
    • Enjoy Yourself: 53/100
    • Rhythm Of Love: 87.27/100
    • Let's Get To It: 80/100
    • Kylie Minogue: 91.5/100
    • Impossible Princess: 92.83/100
    • Light Years: 82.14/100
    • Fever: 85/100
    • Body Language: 89.82/100
    • X: 84.42/100
    • Aphrodite: 80.62/100
    • Kiss Me Once: 68.21/100


    Ranked by score highest to lowest

    1. Impossible Princess 92.83/100
    2. Kylie Minogue 91.5/100
    3. Body language 89.82/100
    4. Rhythm Of Love 87.27/100
    5. Fever 85/100
    6. X 84.42/100
    7. Light Years 82.14/100
    8. Aphrodite 80.62/100
    9. Let's Get To It 80/100
    10. Kylie 78/100
    11. Kiss Me Once 68.21/100
    12. Enjoy Yourself 53/100
  5. My Funko Pop! Vinyls Collection!

    I'm sooo happy! I've been waiting for this a very long time, always meant to start it, but other things were draining money. But now I can finally start this collection!
    It will be mostly Disney, Harry Potter & Bob's Burgers Pops, but some others might make the cut as well, like Game Of Thrones, the Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black.. HELL, even My Little Pony!! lol1 

    I was just wondering if any of you guys are fans of these adorable things as well. :) 

    I also subscribed myself to Pop In A Box (US), so yeah, it's getting serious now. It means you can put all the Pops you want on your Wishlist and the Pops you would never ever want on your Blacklist. You can choose your own subscription plan, for example 1 pop  a month, 2 pops a month, 3 pops... and so on.
    I chose 2 pops and the second shipment is already on its way! :D Yaaaaay!

    Here's my collection til now:

    Pop Tracker: 18
    Disney: 14
    Harry Potter: 03
    Bob's Burgers: 01

    ~ Disney ~

    91. Cogsworth
    92. Mrs. Potts & Chip
    116. Young Elsa
    118. Coronation Elsa
    119. Coronation Anna
    135. Fear
    150. Dr. Facilier
    151. Louis
    155. Frozen Fever Elsa
    160. Spot
    167. Mushu & Cricket
    187. Ele-Finnick
    197. Pocahontas
    198. Meeko

    ~ Harry Potter ~

    08. Harry Potter (Quidditch)
    10. Harry Potter (Triwizard Tournament)
    15. Albus Dumbledore

    ~ Animation ~

    78. Louise Belcher






    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: American Horror Story is such a beloved franchise now — is this something you’ve been trying to land for a while?
    JOHN MURDY: We pay a lot of attention to what our fans want to see. Particularly on social media, both Mike and myself actually run our Twitter accounts for Horror Nights, specifically for that fan interaction. And over the years, there’s been this groundswell of, “We want to see American Horror Story.”

    MICHAEL AIELLO: Absolutely. It’s the fans. And the other great thing about the job is that we are at our very core both horror fans as well, so we’re the same fans who are watching that series. So in looking at what’s out there for us to pull from and adapt, AHS was at the top of the list for many years, and the planets aligned this year very conveniently to allow us to be able to feature it both coasts.

    What was the pitch to Ryan Murphy?
    MURDY: When Mike and I first started talking about this show and how we wanted to tackle it, our opinions were very aligned as far as focus, so it was pretty fun to pitch it to Ryan. I think he got right away that both Mike and myself know the show really well, that we had done our homework, that we paid a lot of attention to the fan community. That’s one of the things we always do: You go online and read as much as you possibly can to know what your audience is wanting, and then you research the heck out of it and watch it endlessly. And being that Mike and I are people who scare people for a living, then we try to put it into our world.

    AIELLO: The other really great thing about the pitch…that immediately became instantaneously apparent was how excited Ryan Murphy was that this was being done. We talked through the scenarios in both mazes, and he was immediately very engaged and very excited and had a lot of great input. Not only are we wanting him to understand how we want to adapt the themes, but also getting information from him on ideas and ways to be able to adapt. It was a very great back and forth conversation and that’s sometimes rare.

    MURDY: The first question I always ask, whether it’s a director or producer or head of a network or whatever, is, ‘Have you been to Halloween Horror Nights?’ And luckily throughout the years, the answer is usually yes.

    And was Ryan a fan?
    MURDY: Oh, yeah. I was very happy to find that out.

    How did you land on these three seasons?
    AIELLO: It was an exercise in trying to really key into…some touchstones throughout the gamut of the series. Trying to do all of the seasons at once, in our opinion, would have been a disservice to each one of the installments, because there are so many characters and environments. To narrow it down to three on this occasion, to be able to give each season its worth, so to speak, was definitely a path we wanted to go down.

    MURDY: When you think about it from a guest perspective, two of the choices were really obvious. You want to start at the beginning — Murder House, that’s where everything starts. And you want to end with the most recent season, which is Hotel.

    What was the merit of Freak Show?
    MURDY: Twisty. I mean, it’s convenient that ten percent of the American population has a phobia of clowns. As creators of this content, we study psychology and all of this stuff to find out what our guests are truly afraid of, and we know that a huge percentage of people coming to the event can’t deal with clowns. In my opinion, I think Twisty’s one of the scariest clowns I’ve ever seen.

    AIELLO: Also, in looking at the three installments that we chose, you’ve got two primarily interior-based environments, and Freak Show was able to give us a different palette from a texture standpoint, knowing that there’s the potential for some outdoor-looking environments.

    What are some of the key figures and scenes you knew fans needed to see?
    MURDY: The basement in Murder House — that’s a must.

    AIELLO: Doctor Charles Montgomery, being able to feature him and his experiments. The Infantata is another really dynamic and terrifying character from Murder House.

    MURDY: I’m not even sure what it is, but it scares the heck out of me.

    AIELLO: And also there’s so much visual content, not only what’s in the show but what’s in the marketing materials. In the Orlando maze, we feature Rubber Man and we recreated that key art for that season — that red room that he existed in. Guests are going to walk into that key art and encounter the Rubber Man. To be able to really dive into multiple avenues in which the show is translated for the viewer, not only the episodes themselves but also breaking down the marketing materials.

    MURDY: The Red Room is unique to Orlando. Our version of that in Hollywood was to try to pick up on characters you see in the opening title sequence but don’t see on the show, which is a very fan thing to do. Just an example: I was watching Freak Show and I just kept looking at that crazy monkey with the cymbals. I thought, that’s really creepy. I want to see that thing when I go through our attraction.

    What elements from Hotel will we see?
    MURDY: There’s obviously the Countess. Another thing that works in Hotel but also goes across the seasons, too, is there’s a paranormal quality. There’s a ghost element to the show — Murder House is haunted by the spirits of all these people that had tragic endings there. Freak Show has that element with Mordrake, who comes back with the dead freak show performers that are kind of his ghost entourage. And Hotel is the old Hotel Cortez haunted by all the things that happened there, whether it was the ‘20s or the current day. I like the specific rooms in Hotel. There’s Room 64, which is the first room where things started to go wrong. There’s the creepy nursery where the Countess’ baby is.

    AIELLO: The bed reveal of the individual that was sewn into the bed. We’re creating that as a scare.

    MURDY: Mattress Man!

    What defines the overall aesthetic that links all these installments together?
    MURDY: I kind of grasped onto the idea that every installment of AHShas a Halloween episode. It’s kind of a big deal. So that was one thematic overlay that we laid across all three installments — let’s ground it on Halloween. So when you go into Murder House, it looks like when they’re trick-or-treating. When you go into Freak Show, it’s the night Mordrake appears with his green fog. And when you go into the Hotel, it’s Devil’s Night.

    AIELLO: One main thing when we began our creative was the phrase ‘fever dream.’ That is a palette in which we wanted to create how the guest moves through the environments that…are all housed within this fever dream that is AHS. That was just a phrase of an ideology that we placed on ourselves as a way to tackle at least our first step into how we wanted to create the maze.

    The show’s music must also be a pretty helpful guide for you as well.
    AIELLO: A lot of the performers in our mazes have triggers that they’ll push to elicit a sound effect that accompanies their scare. Being able to break the theme song down into parts and pieces to use as some of the startle moments has been a fun exercise.

    MURDY: You also have to take a step back and say, ‘If somebody has never watched this show, how are they going to understand what’s going on?’ So I’m always mining for little bits of audio that can help tell the story concisely, and an example of that is, Murder House has the Eternal Darkness Bus Tour, where it’s this guy giving a tour of the dark side of L.A., and he conveniently pulls up and goes, ‘And next, Murder House!’ And he tells the brief history of why this house is notorious. That’s a little something I can latch onto right before you go into that section of the attraction. The same thing with Freak Show — there conveniently happens to be a scene early on where there’s a radio and you’re hearing somebody talk about these horrible murders that we know Twisty is committing.

    Be honest: Is there a secret goal at play here to scare Ryan Murphy when he walks through the maze?
    MURDY: [Laughs.] I’ve had this conversation with filmmakers for years. I remember talking to Sean Cunningham, who made the Friday the 13th movies, way back in maybe 2007 when he was going through our maze, and turning to him at the end and going, ‘This must be really surreal to have your creation attacking you.’






















    A full description of the maze along with a large gallery of pictures can be found here.


  7. i just got 5 CDs in the mail a couple days ago and i have 3 more on the way demi1

    I got BTD in the mail earlier today and the last 2 are coming in on the 17th demi1 but they're in separate shipments oprah12 

    i currently have:

    1. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman US standard edition (2016)
    2. Bridgit Mendler - Hello My Name Is... (2012)
    3. Britney Spears - The Essential (2012)
    4. Britney Spears - Britney Jean deluxe (2013)
    5. Britney Spears - GLORY deluxe (2016)
    6. Ellie Goulding - Lights US edition (2011)
    7. Ellie Goulding - Halcyon 2013 US repack (2013)
    8. Evanescence - Fallen reissue (2003) [has an unlisted Band Version of My Immortal at the very end]
    9. Justin Bieber - Purpose Walmart exclusive (2015)
    10. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger first pressing (2011)
    11. Kelly Clarkson - Greatest Hits: Chapter One (2012)
    12. Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped In Red (2013)
    13. Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece deluxe (2015)
    14. Kesha - Warrior (2012)
    15. Lady Gaga - The Fame US edition (2008)
    16. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (2013)
    17. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die deluxe (2012) [the case is a very slim cardboard sleeve jj4 ]
    18. Lana Del Rey - Paradise Target exclusive (2012)
    19. Marilyn Manson - Antchrist Superstar (1996)
    20. Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals (1998)
    21. Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) (2000)
    22. Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque Japanese deluxe (2003) [the pressing i have doesnt have the bonus limited DVD titled "Doppelherz" brit2 ]
    23. Marilyn Manson - EAT ME, DRINK ME (2007)
    24. Marilyn Manson - The High End Of Low Japanese deluxe (2009)
    25. My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
    26. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (2006)
    27. Miley Cyrus - Bangerz deluxe (2013)
    28. Panic! At The Disco - Death Of A Bachelor (2016)
    29. Rihanna - Music Of The Sun (2005)
    30. Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (2013)
    31. Selena Gomez - For You (2014)
    32. Selena Gomez & The Scene - Kiss & Tell (2009)
    33. Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift reissue (2008; originally 2006)
    34. Taylor Swift - Fearless (2009)
    35. Taylor Swift - Speak Now Target exclusive (2011)
    36. Taylor Swift - RED Target exclusive (2012)
    37. Taylor Swift - 1989 Walmart exclusive (2014) [the "exclusive" content was just a fucking bonus mp3 download card jj4 ]
    38. Tyler Oakley - Binge audiobook (2015) [ik, ik, it doesnt actually count as a CD/album but its an audiobook on 7 CDs so i personally count it]


    on the way:

    1. Marilyn Manson - Portrait Of An American Family (1994)
    2. Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children (1995) [its actually an EP but it has 15 tracks, not including a hidden untitled track; which is just instrumental]


    what i want to sell off/get rid of (all on my discogs collection):

    1. Carrie Underwood/Various Artists - The Sound Of Music (2013)
    2. Katy Perry - One Of The Boys (2008)
    3. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection (2012) [does not have the white cover, its the original pink cotton candy cloud with blue sky cover]
    4. Katy Perry - PRISM deluxe (2013) [this has the limited edition digipack casing, but the color is peeling off jj4 ]
    5. Madonna - Music US CD single (2000)

    The 60s


    Satyricon (1969), also known as Fellini Satyricon, is a weird fantasy drama directed by  Federico Fellini.  Wiki: "The film is divided into nine episodes, following the scholar Encolpius and his friend Ascyltus as they try to win the heart of the young boy Gitón, whom they both love, within the film's depiction of a surreal and dreamlike Roman landscape and culture."


    The 70s

     I didn't watch these movies, but they seem interesting and some of them are well known. 

    250px-Death_in_Venice_Poster.jpg   22830-sebastiane-0-230-0-345-crop.jpg?k=    220px-Pink_Narcissus_FilmPoster.jpeg


    The 80s

    220px-Another_Country_1984_film_poster.j   215px-My_Beautiful_Laundrette_Poster.jpg    215px-Maurice_Theatrical_release_poster.   220px-Law_of_Desire.jpg


    Another Country (1984) is a good movie. Maybe a little bit boring in comparison to the other movies here. It explores homosexuality/homophobia and hypocrisy. Basically, Rupert Everett is a gay guy who is disappointed with society and boys who had sex with boys, but they don't want to label themselves as gay or bi because of the reputation, so they pretend to be straight and are homophobic. My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) is a gorgeous comedy drama that deals with racism, besides homosexuality. Maurice (1987) is a romantic drama in early 20th-century England. It also deals with hypocrisy and homophobia of that time. I won't spoiled anything here, but I loved the twist. Law of Desire (1987) is a movie directed by Pedro Almodovar and that should say a lot. It tells a story about Pablo (a film director), Juan (Pablo's love interest) and Antonio (Antonio Banderas), who is in love with Pablo. 


    The 90s

    220px-My_own_private_idaho_ver1.jpg     220px-Happy_Together_poster.jpg

    My Own Private Idaho (1991) is an interesting movie directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix. I wished it had a happy ending. The Wedding Banquet (1993) was directed by Ang Lee and tells a story about Wai-Tung Gao and Simon, a gay couple whose happinesses is interrupted by Wai-Tung's parents who decide to come to USA from Taiwan and marry him to a girl. Happy Together (1997) is a brilliant and artistic drama directed by Wong Kar Wai and follows two gay characters from China who try to renew their relationship in Argentina. 


    The 2000s/2010s

    215px-Aff_presque_rien.jpg    220px-La_mala_educacion_film_poster.jpg    220px-Summer_storm_2004.jpg 

     220px-Brokeback_mountain.jpg   220px-A_Single_Man.jpg    220px-Keep_The_Lights_On_poster.jpg


    Presque rien (2000) is a French Belgian drama focused on a holiday romance. Bad Education (2004) is another gay themed movie directed by Pedro Almodovar. It is a drama that focuses on sexual abuse by Catholic priests, transsexuality and drug use. Summer Storm (2004) is a German coming-of-age drama about unrequited love. Brokeback Mountain (2005) is another great movie by Ang Lee. I guess I don't need to say anything about it because it is one of the most iconic gay movies of the 21th century.  A Single Man (2009) is a debut movie by  Tom Ford. It was based based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood. Since Tom Ford is a fashion designer, the movie is visually elegant and stylized. It features a fashion model Jon Kortajarena, whose role was small. Jon wants to be an actor, but he sucks at it.  Keep the Lights On (2012) is an American drama based on a true story and shows a  complicated  relationship between Erik ( a filmmaker) and Paul (a lawyer with drug addiction). 




    While I focused more on movies with romantic note, I enjoyed these ones too. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995) is "an American comedy film, starring Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and John Leguizamo as three New York drag queens who embark on a road trip." While The Birdcage (1996) is also a comedy, focused on drag queens, effeminacy, conservative people and other stuff. Madonna's dancer appeared in this movie. 


    220px-Towongfoo.jpg    250px-Birdcage_imp.jpg

  9. Natural Born Losers


    I found her in like January and i loved her stuff cry9 but this is my favorite work, followed by Ode to Dawn Wiener... anyway, i don't think that everybody would like it, she's so dreamy, but i love it

    Favorite Tracks:

    1.Angels of Porn II
    2.You're So Cool
    4.White Trashing
    5.Alligator Blood

    Special Mention to:

    *American Tradition
    *In The Land

    I think Angels of Porn II is the best song on this album, the easiest to listen and get into her LISTEN IT NOW!! BUY NATURAL BORN LOSERS ON ITUNES alex1 

    Less Favorite Tracks:

    None jj3 

    Favorite Videos:

    1.Angels of Porn II

    if i'm not wrong it's the only video released of this album jj7

    My singles choices would be like:

    1.Angels of Porn II
    2.You're So Cool
    3.American Tradition
    4.Poacher's Pride

    I don't know what to say about this, i'd just love to see a video of these songs jj2


    Proacher's Pride 8/10
    Mean 9/10
    White Trashing 8/10
    Swan 6/10
    In The Land 8/10
    Alligator Blood 8/10
    Executioner 7/10
    American Tradition 8/10
    Angels of Porn II 10/10
    A Marvelous Persona 7/10
    You're So Cool 10/10

  10. Qh2T111.png

    The first Wendy Reaction Pics collection of 2017!  


    Straight faced Wendy PNG



    i- Wendy PNG



    Laughing Wendy PNG



    Distorted Disgusted Wendy PNG



    Shook Couch Wendy PNG



    Wiping Tears Wendy PNG



    i- Wendy while holding Tea Cup PNG



    Serious Wendy PNG



    Oh My God Wendy PNG



    Natural Breasts Wendy PNG



    Drinking Juice Wendy PNG



    Excited Wendy PNG



    Sexy Wendy PNG



    Showing Receipts Wendy PNG



    First Time in her Studio Basement Cry Wendy PNG



    Showing Joanne CD Wendy PNG



    Orly Wendy PNG



    Perplexed Wendy PNG



    Grossed Out Wendy PNG



    Going to the Supermarket Wendy PNG



    Turban Wendy PNG



    60s Themed Wendy Holding Mic PNG



    Showing off her jumpsuit Wendy PNG



    Tired Wendy PNG



    SHOOK Showing off her jumpsuit Wendy PNG



    Here's the Imgur Album Link! Enjoy :)

  11. Latest Entry

    I know I love boys since 8 years but in the last couple of days I think about girls. It sounds dump but I think maybe I turn into a Bisexual person.

    I had a 3 days relationship with a Girl 7 years ago and it was the worst thing ever! I felt it was wrong to do that. Since this expirience I knew I LOVE BOYS!

    My love life is pure trouble, I mean I fell in love and my heart got broken every time. In 2012 I created an account on a Gay Forum/Community.

    I only chatted with guys and 1 year later I met someone from the Forum. We had a blowjob date. It was horrible. Maybe it wasn't the right time or I was depressed at that time.

    The last 2 years I did more of those things. I was never happy after it. It could be that I was really depressed and hurt from other boys in my school.

    I felt like I got colder and colder to these kind of things (especially falling in love with boys). I wanted to be single and I wanted to be happy with it but I was not.

    I don't want to blame it all on my depression, maybe now I think that I should left this road and see if there's something on the other side of the sea.

    I watched a Lesbian porn and I came and it turned me on shock2 I was like "am I Bisexual now?". I found Vaginas never attractive but it made my penis hard.

    I thought about kissing a girl too and it wasn't that bad as I thought. I thought about having sex with a girl but what if I couldn't get hard. That would be so embarrassing.

    My question is am I still gay or am I bisexual?

  12. This ranking is for the one and only queen: Madonna, bitch. ~I Don't Give A paraphrase reference~ I decided to do this because why not? I'm still on my little break but this gives me something to do and I love doing these so far even though they flop.


    WARNING: I'm putting the first one in a spoiler because it is a very unpopular opinion and I don't need y'all bitching. If you open the spoiler, you are agreeing to not be a little bitch.




    True Blue




    This album just doesn't do ANYTHING for me. I rarely listen to it and if I do, it's just the highlights. Pls don't hurt me.

    Highlights: Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, Where's The Party, True Blue

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Love Makes The World Go Round, Jimmy Jimmy


    12: Like A Virgin




    This album has some AMAZING songs but the fillers are FILLERS and so generic and just dated trash. Love Don't Live Here Anymore is underrated.

    Highlights: Angel, Like A Virgin, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Dress You Up, Shoo-Bee-Doo (pls don't hurt me)

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Material Girl (pls don't hurt me), Over And Over


    11: Madonna




    Pretty dated but pretty catchy and an amazing debut. Not much to say about it really

    Highlights: Lucky Star, Burning Up, I Know It, Holigay, Think Of Me

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Borderline


    10: MDNA




    She could have done better but this album isn't as bad as everyone says. It's just messy tbh. Home of the should have been hit single I'm Addicted. Some songs are borderline G E N E R I C ie Girl Gone Wild, Turn Up The Radio, etc but she pulls some of them off. I wish she didn't try to be so edgy this era but at least we got some holy BOPS.

    Highlights: Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Nicki's verse on I Don't Give A, Love Spent, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, Best Friend

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Give Me All Your No, the rest of I Don't Give A


    9: Hard Candy




    Truly underrated by Madonna stans. It is nowhere near as bad as all of you say it is. Literally only a couple duds. Yeah, she cased trends but she did it PERFECTLY. So many great bops on this album that all of you WASTE. Give It 2 Me should have smashed tbh

    Highlights: Give It 2 Me, Miles Away, She's Not Me, Beat Goes On, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Voices, Ring My Bell, the album cover shoot

    Can Go Suck A Dick: 4 Minutes, Spanish Lesson


    8: Like A Prayer



    Blah blah blah art blah amazing blah pure artistry blah blah game changer blah blah blah. IDGAF. Yes, mature artistic game changing iconic controversial album, I agree. But some songs just didn't age well or just suck dick. Hate me. I truly respect the artistry of the album but I still find it a tad overrated. Oh Father is one of my fave songs from her.

    Highlights: Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Till Death Do Us Part, Oh Father, Keep It Together, Spanish Eyes

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Love Song, Promise To Try, Dear Jessie


    7: Confessions On A Dance Floor




    Used to be my favorite Madonna album but some of it hasn't aged well. I still love it and think it is still almost flawless and a great comeback. This album just delivers so much. Production. Lyrics. Looks. SERVED

    Highlights: Hung Up, Get Together, Sorry, Let It Will Be, Forbidden Love, How High, Isaac

    Can Go Suck A Dick: I Feel Love ripoff, I Hate Myself, Push (me over a cliff)


    6: American Life




    An edgier Ray Of Light. She tried perfecting the formula of Music but made a few missteps but still B+ for effort. I do find this album is pretty overrated by fans because it's so edgy and SOME NOT ALL just wanna seem edgy. This album does have great moments though and she really delivers. Lyrics are SERVED (Except in a couple songs). Same with looks kinda. Nothing Fails was the hit that got away, so magical and one of my faves from her. Easy Ride is probably in my top 10 songs and is a pure masterpiece. Die Another Day is unnecessarily hated on.

    Highlights: Hollywood, Love Profusion, Nobody Knows Me, Nothing Fails, Die Another Day, Easy Ride, the original American Life video

    Can Go Suck A Dick: American Life, the released video of American Life


    5: Ray Of Light




    I used to HATE this album but I have since since the (ray of) light! Basically an updated Like a Prayer except better! Except a couple songs... Anyways, Nothing Reall Matters and Skin should have SMASHED

    Highlights: Swim, Ray Of Light, Skin, Nothing Really Matters, Sky Fits Heaven, Frozen, The Power Of Good-Bye, the vocals

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Shitty/Ashtray


    4: Rebel Heart




    I know I'm going to get hate for this album being so high but it truly is almost flaw free. Messy but still almost perfect. A couple songs should have been cut, a couple songs should not have been changed from the demo (looking at you Rebel Heart. Madonna, what's good?? Avicii slayed that version). I relate to a lot of this album and has a special place in my little gay heart. Hate me for it bitches. So underrated and should have done SO much better. Also, Bitch I'm Madonna BOPS.

    Highlights: Living For Love, Devil Pray, Ghosttown, Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati, Bitch I'm Madonna, Joan Of Arc, Iconic, Holy Water, Best Night, Veni Vidi Vici, S.E.X., Messiah, Rebel Heart, Auto-Tune Baby, Beautiful Scars, Addicted

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Body Shop, Graffiti Heart


    3: Erotica




    Erotic, Erotic, put your hands all over my iconic copy of this controversial album. So fucking amazing, well written masterpiece. Should have done a lot better than it did. It's dark, beautiful, heartbreaking lyrics. In my opinion, her most mature.

    Highlights: Erotica, Fever, Deeper And Deeper, Bad Girl, Waiting, Words, Why's It So Hard, Secret Garden, Bad Girl video

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Did You Do It?


    2: Music




    Hate me for this, idc. I really think this is her most forgotten album. This album is really sentimental to me so it holds a special place in my heart. I had the CDS of Music when it first came out but I didn't know who it was but it slayed me and I always wondered who it was. Then in 2011, Gaga got me into Madonna and this was the first album I listened to and I stanned. This is a flawless album that should have done better, had more singles, and deserves more all together.

    Highlights: Music, Impressive Instant, Runaway Lover, I Deserve It, Amazing, Nobody's Perfect, Don't Tell Me, Paradise (Not For Me), Gone, American Pie

    Can Go Suck A Dick: The people who discredit this album


    1: Bedtime Stories




    So personal, sad, and incredibly done. There isn't a dull moment on this piece of art. Definitely underrated and deserves so much more than what it got. The singles (except Take A Bow) deserved more. Trend chasing but done immaculately. Some of the songs on this album are in my top 10 of hers. This album really speaks for itself.

    Highlights: Survival, Secret, Inside Of Me, Human Nature, Forbidden Love, Love Tried To Welcome Me, Sanctuary, Bedtime Story

    Can Go Suck A Dick: Your Honesty not making the album




    Ryanism of the day: Don't forget to take care of yourself first











    APRIL 2017.

    Confirmed Cast: 

    @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka 

    @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer 

    @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio 

    @Daenerys as Cody Garrett 

    @Hylia as Hylia Amos 

    @Halcyon as Halcyon Marek 

    @Diamond as Diamond Dotts 

    @Maraj as Maraj Trin Dad 

    @Dr. Slay as Slay Maflay

    @Juinae as Juinae Hancock

    @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey

    @Chris Morlock as Chris Ventura

    @Tiny Little Bows as Mayor Tiny Flittle Cows 

    @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich 

    @Skyline as Skyline Vermon 

    @Liam as Liam Decson

    @#Music as Daniel Bobdection 

  14. I haven’t written about my life for a long time now. Maybe most of you thought I may have finally found someone. Finally found what I was looking for, but no. As of today I am starting to feel that love is just not made for me. Whenever love comes around the bad luck start.

    Let’s first go back to February. In January I talked about Steve right? Well, he suddenly told me he was seeing someone now, so I was no option for him anymore. Okay, that isn’t a first for me. YAY, again!

     Then something else happened. Let’s just say I tried something new. I slept with someone who I didn’t even knew on forehand and to be honest, it was kind of nice. It was maybe even the best sex I’ve had so far, but afterwards I didn’t feel right. It just isn’t made for me. I only do it when I desperate, which I was at that time.

    I also had some new dates again. First off, the weirdest one. I had a date with a Syrian Refugee. I know right… But he was so hot on his pictures, I just wanted to meet him. Well, he was kind of disappointing in real life, but on the other hand. Now I got a full on source to tell me what it is like in those refugee camps and everything. I want to know about stuff like that. It was a nice afternoon, but it stayed with that. Then there was Richard, a very cute guy, with a lot of same interests as me. We drank some beers at his house and kissed. It felt quite good. But, you can already guess it so far. In the end he didn’t wanted to go through with it. He just came out of a relationship and wasn’t sure what to do now. He told me that I shouldn’t worry, that I’m a cute guy and that he actually liked me.

    Yeah sure. How many times have I heard this so far now? I can’t even count them anymore.

    Then there was Ferry. Also a cute guy, but his pictures were just way better. But, I actually quite liked him as a person. It felt like quite a good match. So in the end I was like, let’s try this. This could work.

    But no. He didn’t want to.

    I know you have written me a lot of great things. I need to hold on, I will find someone etc. But let’s be very real here. Is it normal for someone to have this bad luck in life? As of this moment I’m just not sure anymore and it just hurts me. I can't even remember if I talked about every date in this blog. Some don't even stay with me, because I get rejected and I move on. Like said before past dates all find their true match, while I just swerve from date to date and it never seems to work. In the end guys just don’t seem to like me. I’m unlovable. I’ve never felt this much pain in my head, cause I more and more feel like it just isn’t made for me. Love.

    Yeah I’m 21. Yeah I will find it. Keep saying those things to me. But as of this day. When I got my new rejection, it felt more real to me. I’m lost. Maybe not everyone finds their match. Maybe there are some people who just need to live their life alone.

    Maybe I am one of those. There is no love allowed for me.

  15. Hey what's up I just want to let out somethings that I have been holding back for a while now. As you will all know i now have a job and i know that's suppose to be something exciting like "yay! woo hoo! now you can get the chance of making it rain!" that is not true first of all. Second of all, I just work at McDonald's and for those who never worked there probably doesn't know literally how impossible it can feel trying to please the customers while the automatic soda machine keeps having a break down and i mean a major break down. I'm talkin' how the claws that suppose to clasp whatever size drink is being put in the order doesn't clasp it at all so I literally have to do it manually, and sometimes even though you know you put the cup in the right container it was suppose to be in, the machine itself doesn't pour the drink into the cup and instead just pours it in's something when a customer orders a drink from the cashier and then there's the soda machine that the customer has to pour it in themselves and sometimes it overflows and the liquid just ends up spilling under those metal bars that just holds or disposes the liquid but that's out front where customers order their food I'm the one at the second window of the drive thru that gives the customer their meals. Anyways, it was a complete disaster it keeps breaking a bunch of cups which made us waste time and won't give the customers their drinks ON time. Most of the time we have to pour in the drinks manually by just pressing the buttons of the order for the customers. The only thing that made things easier was me trying to socialize with them and be nice and just stay on their good side to make it hard for them to go against me and i do that as a distraction while my coworkers go and fixes the problem. There's a lot to say about what goes on in there. I really don't like working at McDonald's but the only reason why its bareable for me was because I begged my manager, in a very subtle way, to move me from the grill position to the second window position because i didn't find it enjoyable to keep giving myself first degree burns every time i try to flip a burger. The window does have some ups and downs like, sure I'm able to talk to people and serve them drinks and their meals as soon as it's ready, but it does get hot most of the time and so i have to ask my manager if i can have a soda or something..yesterday (2/19/17) i drank two medium sprites and an apple juice that didn't have a straw attached to it. I was lucky they let me out an hour early because my shift was suppose to be from 1-5pm and i got out at 4, went out to starbucks, drank my favorite tall caramel frappuccino, i looked through my snapchat and saw my boyfriend's message about knowing i got out early mainly because i was bragging about how relieved i am about it in my story so he hit me up, then later he came over to my house. Again, i love my boyfriend but he acts like a complete child sometimes, he's always seeking attention and when he doesn't get it he has an attitude and just  tries to walk out the door then ends up coming back in because he realizes i didn't care because im suppose to be his girlfriend not his babysitter or his entertainer. He whines and complains i mean c'mon the dude is 18 years old shouldn't he be mature by now? Ugh and today he was bothering me about coming over to hang and talk and stuff and i said "no because you were being too much last night, you were always trying to put your disgusting fingers in my mouth and constantly waving your arms on my face and putting it in my face and constantly being touchy all over my body even in places that you weren't invited in" We were just watching a movie Inferno which was really interesting by the way, and all i wanted to do was chill and watch the movie. I don't mind holding hands or cuddling but if he keeps acting the way he's acting, then i might as well work as a babysitter and should be payed a lot because i always put up with him. The relationship is becoming more of a chore than romance and honestly I don't feel it's going anywhere. And I know what you guys are thinking "ok if it's not going well then just break up with him" and i will i just have to find a perfect time and just let him down easy. I didn't sign up to date a whiny boy who acts like a little bitch ok? If i wanted pussy i would date a woman..i was suppose to be signed up for a man who knows how to act while we're in public, who knows how to be mature and not complain about everything, who gives me what i like instead of making me do what he likes all the time...yanno like I'll do things that he likes and he does the same for me. OH MY GOD  that felt good letting it out..I'm so glad you guys would take the time to read all this about stress and fiasco events at work (honestly). Keep reading my blogs guys i enjoy writing them just for you. bye loves! :D:D  

  16. 8DqZqyb.png


    This is SYLK Reviews Back to Basic's era! So we're gonna be scoring like the old days! Using WENDY emotes!

    In collab with The Wendy Emote Museum we will score each track from a minimum of 0 to a max 5 scores to each track! 

    For our FIRST review! We will be reviewing GLORY by THE QUEEN OF POP herself Britney Spears!Wy3RYbW.png



    01 - Invitation

    A very nice opener, the breathy tone of ha voice sounds really incredible with the aura.mp3 of the song. It's a very calm and soothing song. Really a strong opener. The lyrics are cute too yes. I give this song ..dhvoUxH.gif



    02 - Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) 

    Alot of people have been saying that they didn't like this when it came out and that it grew on them later on, but tbh this has been my jam from the moment it came out! She sounds amazing, the twangy bird noises are very cute yes and the production is very nice. The only thing that disgusts me is the G-FLOPzy's verse omfg delete that ew. vQJZmsq.gif



    03 - Private Show 

    I literally don't understand the hate for this song. It's such a fun, sensual song. I do hear the weird effect in voice yes but tbh I think the cartoon-ish effect kind of adds to the song's quirky character.  She SERVES vocals on here! This is definitely a fav yes. 5 wendys for this song!dhvoUxH.gif



    04 - Man On The Moon 

    I think this song is soo beautiful. The lyrics are so cute and the chorus is literally the most beautiful thing we've heard from Britney so far--I mean those harmonies omg *orgasms* Another five wendys! 450561ezgif626394240.gif



    05 - Just Luv Me 

    A cute song yes but I have to be honest here I didn't care for snippets that leaked or whatever. I don't really have much to say on this track, I mean I could see myself listening to it once in awhile, or wake up one night craving it, but for now, it's undermined by some of the stronger tracks on the album.AclZsta.gif



    06 - Clumsy 

    I won't lie, I had to pretend to like it when it first came out. It starts off well, but it loses me somewhere leading up the hook. The 'opps' is a cute reminder of the Opps I Did It Again days tho yes..mToh7bx.gif



    07 - Do You Wanna Come Over?

    Anyone who doesn't like this iconic bop is deaf. I mean the guitars mmm fuck me they sound so good. And then the chorus hits--those backup singers snatch my wig yes ! It's a pussy bopper and one of the faves! mBDE6Ud.gif



    08 - Slumber Party 

    An OBVIOUS contender for 2nd Single. It follows Make Me's footsteps nicely. It has a very fun vibe. And the production is probably the best one we've seen on this album so far. One of the faves yes!6LVNyOP.gif



    09 - Just Like Me

    There might be haters out there aka @Onika and they are welcomed to kiss my ass cause this song is fucking AMAZING! She sounds amazing on it and omg the lyrics are CUTEE!! Britney's disbelieve in the other woman looking just like her gives us a BOP!9GpDgqa.gif



    10 - Love Me Down 

    Definitely a stand out track from the album and a possible future single! Britney SERVES in this song. And the production oh lordy that wobbling bassline fuck! Slam me on the table and prolapse my anus queen GODNEY! OKaSYgT.gif



    11 - Hard To Forget Ya 

    When I first heart it, I thought it was cute yes but then a reverse warholian expedition happened and my love for this song just disappeared. It's a cute song but ...It doesn't really go anywhere...3Ww7RvQ.gif



    12 - What You Need

    The mature but less beautiful sister of PriVISHNU show! She sounds amazing as well, she showcases some VOCALS ON HERE!!! Britney can SANG! Anyone who says otherwise can kiss my bum! 3lCJ92t.gif





    Slumber Party 

    If this isn't the 2nd single I'll lose my mind! ddx9r0bmb5sgi.gif



    Hard to Forget Ya 

    delete it!lDzLoj1.gif





    BRITNEY DELIVERED! 8x_zpslmt8addu.gif




    For a more PROFESSIONAL Review including the Deluxe tracks head over to Pop Fection!tumblr_n6onu19zpt1r36bj2o4_75sq.gif


  17. So, i just finished my list on twitter, which literally took forever. I was afraid i wouldnt finish it due to my cold but i got it done right before new years eve cry6 Anyways, with all the hard work i put into it i thought of sharing it on here. Downloading 50 videos from youtube sounds like nothing but finding the time to post them throughout the day and not to overdo it was so difficult personally, I couldnt have done it without the support of my boyfriend. fall3

    You can click the link to see the full countdown, but in a nutshell here, here are my choices:

    50. Cool Girl - Tove Lo

    49. Banana Brain - Die Antwoord

    48. Weekend - Louis The Child & Icona Pop

    47. Come Up For Air - Skylar Grey

    46. Purple Lamborghini - Skrillex & Rick Ross

    45. Bestie - Sizzy Rocket

    44. Attic - Buttress

    43. Tomboy - Princess Nokia

    42. Concrete - Crystal Castles

    41. Paper Or Plastic - Brooke Candy

    40. Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga

    39. Lost Boys - Still Corners

    38. Body - Dreezy

    37. Guys My Age - Hey Violet

    36. Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd

    35. Too Much To Dream - Allie X

    34. Mean What I Mean - Alunageorge, Dreezy, Leikeli47

    33. Starry - The Weeknd

    32. Borders - MIA

    31. Kiss It Better - Rihanna

    30. Girl Shoots Up School To Promote Her Mixtape - Fellatia Geisha

    29. Girlfriend - NAO

    28. U Up - Soft Lit

    27. Easier Said - Sunflower Bean

    26. Dimensions - Computer Magic

    25. Sunday Love - Bat For Lashes

    24. Big Sis - Sales

    23. What’s It Gonna Be - Shura

    22. Secrets - Deep Sea Diver

    21. Drama - 18+

    20. Atari Love Song - Kitty

    19. Doomed User - Deftness

    18. After The Afterparty - Charli XCX & Lil Yachty

    17. Don’t Touch My Hair - Solange

    16. Fade - Kanye West

    15. Cry - Carly Rae Jepsen

    14. Blood In The Cut - K.flay

    13. Operator - Lapsley

    12. Step Down - Elephant

    11. Ch-Ching - Chairlift

    10. Lying Too - HOLYCHILD & Tkay Maidza

    9. Vivica - Jessy Lanza

    8. Destroyer - Phantogram

    7. Hallucinate - GL

    6. Trampoline Kero Kero Bonito

    5. Gemini Feed - Banks

    4. Hatefuck - Cruel Youth

    3. Crybaby - Abra

    2. Atlantis - Bridgit Mendler & Kaiydo

    1. This Is What You Came For - Calvin Harris & Rihanna yas2 

  18. Britney Spears 'Glory'


    Album Review



    For the Physical Deluxe review click here:


    1. Invitation 

    (B.Spears, J.Michaels, J.Tranter, N.Monson)

    Instantly, this sounds like a zen track from Britney with an Asian twist to it. “Here’s my invitation baby” works great as an intro and literally invites the listener to engage in the journey Britney is providing with Glory. “I just need you to trust me” actually makes me nervous as to what to expect, she is keeping her cards close to her chest with ‘Invitation’ it’s calming yet the anticipation in the track is like a slow build to track 2 – it’s really easy to get into and a perfect album opener. The track is soothing, with a heavy beat and slower paced vocals – a treat. 6.5/10

    2. Do You Wanna Come Over?

    (M.Larsson, R.Fredriksson, J.Michaels, J.Tranter, S.Chila)

    OK… I wasn’t expecting such a swift change in theme – the beat and ‘Justin Timberlake‘ style guitar riff sounds quite dirty, musically and the clumbsy vocal arrangements coinciding with the sounds of cans opening work really well together and it’s very Ke$ha meets Timberlake. This is definitely a sound I wish to hear more of from Britney – the sound is engaging from start to end and the song takes several twists and turns… I could definitely see this as a single and Britney sounds very good on the track. Could this be classed as ‘Outrageous’ part 2? 7/10

    3. Make Me (Ft.G-Eazy)

    (B.Spears, M.Burns, J.Janiak, G.Gillum)

    Now this is the track a lot of people would be waiting for seeing as it’s the lead single from the album. The change in pace is welcomed and resembles the same ‘zen’ vibe from track 1. The heavy chorus really compliments Britney’s light and fluffly vocals and makes for a nice juxtaposition. The builds “Wan’t you to move” also set the choruses up a treat. G-Eazy’s appearance is needed I think, it sounds like one of those typical instrumentals where a rapper will pop up, but I feel it enhances the sound and it’s the only credited feature on the track list. I feel this single is another one to add to ‘classic Britney 8/10

    4. Private Show

    (B.Spears, C.M.Williams, T.Winfrey, S.Smith)

    As soon as the track starts, the background sounds really resemble something from a circus and this track wouldn’t have been out of place on Britney’s ‘Circus’ album; these sounds carry the song and it’s really enjoyable to hear Britney’s vocals in more of a raw form – she sounds really strong and it reinforces the ideology of this track being a female empowerment anthem. The chorus is particularly catchy and really keeps the listener engaged, leaving them wanting more. However, the vocals really start to grate by the end of the song “Put on a private show” particularly. 7.5/10

    5. Man On The Moon

    (J.Evigan, I.Juber, P.Ryan, S.Fox, M.Lomax)

    The instrumental to this track is exceedingly catchy, I could happily listen to that on its own. However, with the vocals, it kind of makes the whole thing seem ‘wishy washy’ until the gorgeous falsetto notes “On the Moon” kick in. It kind of feels like a 2003 B-side, lyrically relating to a more vulnerable Britney. It has a lovely sentiment to it nevertheless. 6/10

    6. Just Luv Me

    (D.Omelio, M.A.Hoiberg, J.Michaels)

    Wow – as soon as the track kicks in, it holds so much resemblance to Justin Bieber’s‘Company’ from the arrangements and the robotic sounds in the background. It’s actually hard to shake it from my mind. I love the way Britney sings in this track, it’s sultry and teasing, whilst singing from an endearing and vulnerable point of view. Towards the end of the track, the repetition of ‘Just Luv Me’ becomes irritating and starts to resemble a track from Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 album. Another mid-tempo mellow track. 5/10

    7. Clumsy

    (T.Riley, W.Felder, A.Niceforo)

    Yes… Here we go, builds from the beginning, and a killer vocal arrangement and a gradually building instrumental – Femme Fatale Britney is back! The theme of the track is very playful indeed and the way Britney sings the track in almost a rushed manner really emphasises the song’s message and you can picture a music video for the track, with Britney being tossed all over the room. An album gem. 8/10

    8. Slumber Party

    (M.Larsson, R.Fredriksson, J.Michaels, J.Tranter)

    Rihanna is that you? The beat is reminiscent of a Rihanna track, with the urban body roll vibe. Listening to the track, it’s hard to think that Britney hasn’t done a song with this theme before, it’s cleverly written and talks of the naughty side of a ‘slumber party’. I do find the track very middle of the road but I wouldn’t skip it – it’s very engaging.5.5/10

    9. Just Like Me

    (B.Spears, J.Michaels, J.Tranter, N.Monson)

    I always do it. I judge the song before it’s played based on the title, and I had no idea the song would include “She looks just like me” and be from the perspective of a scorned lover and the previous relationship – I assumed it would be a raunchy kind of song and I must say it’s nice to hear a song like this from Britney, the vocals are floaty and it keeps the listener engaged. 5.5/10

    10. Love Me Down

    (E.K.Bogart, A.Goldstein, J.John, J.Karpov)

    A different direction from Britney now, more urban and I’m not sure if it’s working for her or not… I feel the song has a lot of potential but it’s too Gwen Stefani and not enough Britney. In fact this would have been perfect for Gwen’s album “The Sweet Escape” but I don’t feel it suits Britney or her weak vocals very much. Having said that, Britney sounded very good in the middle 8. I like how the track goes in several directions and almost sounds like 3 songs stitched together. 7/10

    11. Hard To Forget Ya

    (O.Gorres, I.Kirkpatrick, B.Coney, D.Andrews, E.Drewett)

    Now I feel indifferent about this track – I love the verses and the pre-choruses/builds are amazing, providing a perfect sense of anticipation, but the choruses are just horrendous; the beat is too heavy with clumbsy hooks, Britney sounds bored and it’s very ‘Beat dropping trend chaser’. What a shame. 4.5/10

    12. What You Need

    (B.Spears, C.M.Williams, T.Winfrey, S.Smith)

    A trip to the 60’s to open this track with a kick ass vocal from Britney is always a good way to start a song. Also, kudos to Britney on that vocal, she sounds amazing and it’s quite raw. The hand claps in the chorus really boost the songs energy (Like it needs boosting anymore) but I wish they made more of the choruses, they are quite on par with the verses in term of production and need lifting just a little bit more, but it’s a sound that I think suits Britney very well and it’s contagious as hell. 7.5/10


    For the Physical Deluxe Review click here:

  19. GbsJjBy.png

    Scream Queens: FOTP Row

    Episode Guide


    Episode One: Russian Roulette

    Air Date: February 12

    A group of sorority girls think they are just partaking in a casual, innocent hazing game. However everything goes wrong and the girls are forced to make a pact to protect themselves.

    Deaths: 1


    Episode 2: The Banquet

    Air Date: February 14

    Eight months have passed since the hazing incident, however the girls of KNT have found various ways of coping. Or have they? The sorority holds their annual end of the year banquet but their past comes back to haunt them in a very deadly manner.

    Deaths: 1


    Episode 3: Easy A

    Air Date: February 17

    The death of a fellow sorority member sends shock waves through KNT. Sylk and Aidan's relationship begins to really take shape and Hannah and Cody's relationship only gets stronger. However, Ms. Kali begins getting suspicious of Hannah and the other girls.

    Deaths: 1


    Episode 4: Say Goodbye, Sigma Phi

    Air Date: February 24

    Tiny reveals several of Sigma Phi's secrets to Hannah, shedding some light into who may be killing the KNT girls.

    Deaths: 0


    Episode 5: Graduation

    Air Date: TBA

    Graduation day has arrived, however the body count just continues to rise. Sylk and Royale begin really digging into their investigation as someone is arrested in connection to the recent murders.

    Deaths: 2


    Episode 6: Do I Need To Check Stalls?

    Air Date: TBA


    Deaths: TBA


    Episode 6: It's Party Time

    Air Date: TBA


    Deaths: TBA


    Episode 7: Who Hurt You?

    Air Date: TBA


    Deaths: TBA


    Episode 8: KNT Must Die

    Air Date: TBA


    Deaths: TBA


    Episode 9: Let The Blood Bath Begin

    Air Date: TBA


    Deaths: TBA


    Episode 10: The Final Girl

    Air Date: TBA


    Deaths: TBA



    * means you are a series regular but do not appear in this episode

    @Taylor- Taylor Swenson

    @Hannah.- Hannah Rogers

    @Diamond- Diamond Jones

    @Hylia- Hylia DeMarco

    @Sylk- Sylk Travers

    @Liam- Lia Evans

    @Royale- Royale Mason

    @Daenerys- Cody James

    @Hyun.- Hyun DeMarco

    @Kali- Ms. Kali

    @Michael.- Michelle Probst

    @Aidan.- Aidan Chen

    @Halcyon- Jakob Rockefeller

    @Maraj- Maraj Probst

    @Tiny Little Bows- Tiny Wiser

    @TattooedHeart- Lily Chapman

    @Dr. Slay- Slay Patterson

    @Rachel Berry- Rachel Berry


    Yes yes I know I promised a new episode today but I have a bad case of writers block fall3 However I hope you enjoy the teasers here for now! rav2 I'll add a new update after each episode premieres so keep an eye out! rav2 

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    Here I will be posting my city's local chart  5LNmjtg.gif


    it's based entirely on airplay and TV airplay  5LNmjtg.gif

    Stay Tooned!  5LNmjtg.gif