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  2. Music Video

    I meant the video already being removed.
  3. Game

  4. here to remind y'all that Perfume is one of the greatest groups this world has seen tyvm
  5. Music Video

    It's been going around rapidly for a few weeks, and months slowly before that, so not really?
  6. Music Video

    that's what the thread tag says
  7. Music Video

    Yeah, we've been discussing this in Lanamosity for a while. It leaked several hours ago.
  8. Music Video

    Wow that was fast.
  9. Music Video

    It's the entire song.
  10. Music Video

    wait tf? the music video?
  11. Other

    Favorite songs after "first" listen: You've Been Flirting Again It's Oh So Quiet Isobel I Miss You Cover Me Overall thoughts: I like it. I don't love it yet but I think I will after a few more listens. I can definitely see how she influenced Bedtime Stories and I also see some similarities to the Little Earthquakes album by Tori Amos (and I love both Bedtime Stories and Little Earthquakes). I will try to listen to it more over the next few days and will probably buy it soon as well. Thank you @Hylia for convincing me to listen to this (although it didn't take much convincing hahaha).
  12. Music Video

    legit thought this was the whole album for a second for some reason, got a heart attack ok
  13. Music Video

    the music video leaked? it's been snatched already
  14. Game

    No worries! Commentary for round 1 isn't gonna be a huge thing.
  15. I was able to download it.
  16. Album

    The title track is cute... Kinda long... The bridge gives me Salvatore tease! The glass break! Hopefully the final has a bit clearer enunciation, but other than that it's cute and people are saying the final is better than the demo, so I'm excited!
  17. Game

    MTE don't have time for the commentary sorry, this was harder than I thought omfg, wanted to give + to like 95% of things
  18. Other

    I love this song This album picks me up and takes me to a whole different world, it's so trippy.
  19. Honestly hopefully her team patches things up for the next era, the downfall from HM, things actually don't leak that fast imo considering the amount of people that get things this era it seems, but her team needs to figure it out
  20. Other

    "I'm so impatient, I can't stand the wait. When will I get my cuddle? Who are you?" Wow, Bjork. Same. I'm tired of being single too, I've been single for almost 22 years now...
  21. Small comfort! Hopefully people are a little more careful with whatever falls into their hands for the next era.
  22. With HM she could talk and hype shit all she wanted and nothing happened too , with BAR we technically know a lot less and if she so much as teases something with a mysterious poster she gets it thrown in her face, at least not much else is left to leak at this point
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