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    Sex For Breakfast gets a score of 5.86! Current ranking: Next song is Keep On Singin' My Song
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    the grindr mask
  4. i was exaggerating to get a hit thread but there's no doubt that it underperformed for her standards
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    Poor Unpure Heroin
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    I guess we'll have to wait and see
  7. This show was the only thing holding Logo up, it won't survive without it
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    Neither is nor has it ever been good, poor that.
  9. New set!
  10. Why tho Because of his voice or something? That reeks more of homophobia than open-minded tolerance imo LeFou clearly functions as the opposite of Gaston purely for entertainment purposes. Instead of being tall, handsome and muscular he's short, ordinary and fat. It just makes for a funny sidekick character who has absolutely zero narrative merit. If Gaston had another handsome looking sidekick, the whole "Gaston is the concentrated evil" effect would've been broken, that's the only reason he is how he is He's just comic relief. Which is why I'm rolling my eyes at this inclusion of the pro-gay narrative, just like I rolled my eyes at the Billy Elliot musical making a "pro-gay" statement by including an appallingly offensive effeminate ballet director who makes a gay joke, eliminating all of the beautifully subtle and actually provoking gay sentiments in the original movie It just reinforces all the same anti-gay dominants: gays should be laughed at because of their ways, we don't want them to be visible as main characters, and they should look different from those main characters, preferrably being overly theatrical and/or clumsy and/or fat, so we don't have to consider the horrifying possibility that gay people are just like everyone else, and god forbid my kids would see the gay character as a role model And when they do have their moment of emotional substance, it should always be balanced with an overwhelmingly heteronormative romantic climax anyway. It's bs and not progress at all.
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    But Lorde's music is... not good (for the sake of not being overly shady) so does she count?
  12. Drag Race ha Born to die jump to mainstream era is coming
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    Partition 205 Rocket 205 Mine 350
  14. I will overluk dis becus u cant spek english eh that number 6 does stick out from all the #1s next to it plus it's only the best song in 1989, so it deserved better
  15. Lady Gaga will headline both weekends of Coachella, Billboard has learned, replacing Beyoncé, who postponed her performance after announcing she was pregnant with twins. Gaga will fill in for Beyoncé on consecutive Saturday nights (April 15 and 22) at Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, Calif. Officials with festival organizers Goldenvoice and AEG Live are finalizing plans to bring Gaga's huge stage production to Coachella and will make the announcement in the coming days, say sources. XXXX she aint joking with these festivals
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    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - 40 Ego - 55 Halo - 190 If I Were A Boy - 40 Smash Into You - 70 Sweet Dreams - 165 Broken-Hearted Girl - 40 Hello - 35 Radio - 30 Why Don't You Love Me - 100 Disappear - 60 Ave Maria - 40
  17. Wait mess I just realized why I typed
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  19. I was watching her Glastonbury show today and not her doing Telephone in the middle of the DC Medley
  20. Style isn't even the most overrated in the Swift fandom. But I see Ariana stans calling Into You "objectively pop perfection", so that.
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    mess. Must've bumped my head that day
  22. Still no since Adele at BRITs has/had more views overall. That's just another twisted sugarcoated article for publicity (probably coming from her team). It's not real or legit.
  23. Good for Victims.
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