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    This is quite possibly the dumbest statement ever, especially considering the fact that you stan actual trash Marilyn Manson.
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    Yes and she'll probably go on a world tour that will gross more than Kylie Jenner's net worth.
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    We gotta commend Chris though. To listen to Marilyn Manson for more than 5 seconds and not bleed out from your ears is a true accomplishment.
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    Since it will be our first official chart, I'm gonna post them a day earlier. The charts will be up on Friday! The charts for the first week are very interesting, after going through so many last.fm's... just be prepared tbh See you Friday
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    I thought this was about Gaga writing the song for Taylor Swift
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    guys.. what a fucking WEEK it has been first, gaga slaughters the superbowl, receiving universal ACCLAIM, scoring the 2nd most watched halftime show in history, and reaching an ALL TIME popularity peak on google trends minutes after, bitch dropped some more sulfuric acid on our already BURNING scalps by announcing the JOANNE WORLD TOUR with one of the best visuals we've gotten in years NEXT, all of gagas music sales SKY ROCKET up the ass, invading itunes and increasing by HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of percents. Joanne and The Fame FLY back into the top 10 on billboard with a 800%+ increase and just when we thought the BURN scalping was over..... at this point in time, hospitals all over the world were reporting a mass increase in homosexuals checking in with 3rd degree burns to the scalp and just when we thought it was over, metalGA arrives at the grammys looking like a fucking LEGEND AND TO FINISH IT ALL OFF, we find out today that million reasons jumped to #4 on the HOT 100, giving gaga her first top 10 hit since 2013 and to think this all happened within 7 FUCKING DAYS. MY FUCKING SCALP
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    What is Jenner going to do with her name? Leak nudes? Sell make-up other people came up with and the slave labor manufactured? What is her occupation exactly? Cum dumpster? This thread is unreal.
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    I just had the biggest meal of my entire life. I could barely make it upstairs. I feel pregnant
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    who are you and what do I have to do to never encounter any of your threads again
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    Fantastic Joanne tracks and where to find them
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    Today I am PROUD to be a woman in this country. Yesterday seemed bleak, but today I can see hope in my countries future. Never let your voice go unheard. Be the change you want to see. Be proud of yourself and who you are.
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    WELCOME TO THE GREAT KYLIE GIVEAWAY 2017! FINISHED February 17th. Thank you to all who participated! I am your host Aidan and I will be giving away Kylie goodies to some lucky members. The music store HMV is closing down here so instead of the Kylie inventory possibly getting lost forever I thought it would be fun to give some items away to a group of lucky members. There’s also a couple things in here that I had an extra copy of so thought I’d throw them in too. Note that ALL items are brand new and sealed. The giveaway will start Wednesday, February 8th (Eastern Time) and last until Monday, February 13th. These are the items that are up for the giveaway! - 2 Copies Of The Deluxe 2CD Reissue of Impossible Princess - *Won by TattooedHeart and Liam - 2 Copies of the Essential Mixes CD - *Won by dhrbb03 and #Music - A Copy of the Standard Version of Body Language - *Won by Goldie - A Copy of the Booklet Version of The Abbey Road Sessions CD - *Won by Skyline Your names will be recorded on the sign ups software and then imported into Excel, where you will be assigned a number based on the order you entered your name - i.e. First person to sign up is number two, etc. The sequence will start at number two because line one is used for the giveaway items title in Excel. A random number generator will then be used to give me the number of the random winner This is the schedule for what will be given away each day. Remember this is in Eastern Time. · Wednesday, February 8th: First Essential Mixes CD · Thursday, February 9th: Body Language CD · Friday, February 10th: First Impossible Princess 2CD · Friday, Feb. 17th: Second Essential Mixes CD; Second Impossible Princess 2CD; Abbey Road CD Please note that you are eligible to win ONLY ONE item throughout the entire giveaway. Regardless of if you are drawn again for a different item. If your number is drawn again, another number will be generated. IMPORTANT INFO I will POST the Excel lists with your usernames number(s) and update it everyday if new people put in their names. Note you may have a different number for each item depending on the sequence you signed up in – i.e. You might be number two for one, but three for another. For the winning results, I will POST only a screenshot of the random number generator and the number it gave me. I will then tag the member who belongs to the corresponding number to notify them that they won. Refer back to the posted Excel lists to check numbers and who they belong to. If you win I will open a PM with you and we can discuss how you would like the item to be delivered to you. I can ship to your house, a P.O. Box, whatever. I can use your username on the postage or an alias if you’d like. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE SHARING PERSONAL INFORMATION PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE WINNERS: I will ship pretty much world wide. Except you NEED to let me know if there is a history of mail issues in your country. I don't want things being stolen or lost. There is 0 cost to you. All items will be shipped through standard mail. ALL Items will be shipped after the Giveaway is over. Saves me going back and forth to the post office. You will be notified via a group PM regarding when I will ship, and when your item is sent, just to let you know that it is on the way and how I sent it. Other questions should be asked in a private PM with me Note this is all for fun and entirely random! Good luck! *Note that Nixter was added as Number 14 for Impossible Princess and Abbey Road*
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    Both sides are correct. 21 is a good album, but also being black hurts your chances of winning in the big four. Doesn't matter if you're Kendrick, Frank Ocean, or Beyonce. Grammy's don't care about R&B, especially Country and Rock voting demographic. Grammys always drum up the usual bullshit, like release something better next time and you'll win - and in fact, Kendrick and Beyonce released two of the most critically acclaimed albums of all TIME. Not even just in their discography. You know it's problematic when albums with scores of 85, 91, 92, and 96 are losing to albums in mid 70's and 80's. What the Grammys lack - for better or worse - is a clear definition of what album of the year means. If it's going to be because it's self produced, it sold alot, it makes the Grammy team look good - the public needs better insight. The fact that Taylor and now Adele are winning twice in a row is going to send off alarms when it becomes a third and potentially fourth. Most AOTY albums are forgotten regardless, so Beyonce really doesn't need it to be remembered. I can see it being in Rolling Stones top 500 very soon.
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    thank you @Tampon for the iconic and controversial list! I swear this is the only time you'll ever get tagged in this event so don't worry about me being annoying or anything, but this is forum wide and Events Team™ certified so instead of raging and opening NHB threads just participate pls! it'll be fun!
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    The nomination picture used for every single fucking category. The public is outraged over the nominations of the FOTPMAs as it was announced just moments ago at the hugely iconic and skinny-status FOTPMAs Nominations Ceremony, as the nominations for the 17 categorys were slammed as severely redundant. A few news media sites have also accused the selections of nominees as gay as fuck, and is discrimination against straights in the industry and the race of inD. A certain Beyonce fan at the ceremony, after the artist has been graced with 9 nominations. During the voting process, it is believed that the committee has only chosen its voters with predominantly skinny, pop-addicted, and unbelievably homosexuals. This causes an imbalance with the amount of snatching wigs, and the value of actual talent in the nominations. For instance, Britney Spears has been nominated for a whopping 9 categories, without actually any critical or public acclaim from anybody other than it's own "Brit Army". Meanwhile, straight legends like The Weeknd, Tove Lo and Alicia Keys has only received one or two nominations. The nominations show was also criticised for its hosts, three idiots namely Hannah., Hyun. and blankdreams, all three which appeared on stage as completely drunk and (Habits Stay) high. They stumbled through the shows by making stupid jokes that nobody knows, making fun of the show's guests (Fashion sucks and so do you #music trolololol), burping in speeches, and farting through unwashed underwear. However, there is one thing that the public has complimented on the show - the most nominated person at the awards is skinny legend Ariana Grande with 12 nominations from her blockbuster album Prepubescent Woman, all of which is deserved. In fact, the public is also rallying for a write-in for a 13th nomination for Ms. Grande, as the hashtag #KnewBetterForeverBoyForBestAlbumTrack is trending with over 1049120491M tweets on Grindr. Public celebrities like @Liam has already announced their absence at the future Awards Ceremony on March 11th, as a protest to the homosexual nominations. According to Liam, almost the entirety of his ballot, filled with names like "James Blake", "KAYTRANADA" and "Vic Mensa"(literally who the fuck?) was of no use in spreading more talent in the nominations. Many celebrities including @RihannaRTT, and hosts themselves @Hyun. has tweeted #FOTPMASSoGay in support to the backlash. Read more about the news here. Vote for talent. Namely Tove Lo and The Weeknd. Performers for the show are STILL open! if you feel like sharing your talents to the whole forum, feel free to drop @Hannah., @Hyun. and yours truly a PM to let us know if you wanna do it! Voting is also open, while nominations can be found in the voting thread as well.
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    Ever wonder how the charts would look if it came from FOTP Members? Well now you can. Will your fave top the charts for weeks or will they flop? How It Will Work: Every week I will take your Top 10 most played artists/songs from the last 7 days and then I will average it up with everyone else's. There will be a chart for songs like Billboard's Hot 100, and there will also be an artist chart! When will the chart update? Every Saturday (Most likely between 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CST) Tracking officially stops every Wednesday How can I join the chart? Just click the link below and put your last.fm and you will be apart of it. https://goo.gl/forms/WCsbFerr1quMpOGF2
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    You watched it already? Who needs a 'real job' when you can make $10m+ a year on the internet and I don't even like him
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    Hello, it's me Hyunty again! Welcome to the 2017 FOTP Music Awards! A show where all of us rotting on FOTP come together to praise (and drag) our favorite music released over the past year! This year's show will take place on Saturday, March 11th. Make sure your calendars are clear and join the fun as @Hannah., @blankdreams., and I host one of the best award shows on FOTP! When will the v controversial Member Awards ever? To nominate your favorite releases from this year, simply click the link below and fill out the form, it's as simple as that! All (and only) songs/videos/albums/music released from February 1st, 2016 to February 5th, 2017 are eligible for nomination. You may submit 5 items per category, no more, but you can submit less. You also may skip a category if you don't know what to submit. This period for nominations will last until February 20th, 2017, so that's plenty of time for y'all flops to think it through and get your votes in! Similar to 2016's show, the categories are: Single of the Year Album of the Year Video of the Year Artist of the Year Best Spotlight Artist Best Male Artist Best Female Artist Best Duo / Group Best New Artist Most Underrated Artist Best Flop Single Best Flop Album Best Collaboration Best EP Best Album Track Producer of the Year FOTP Fave of the Year CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATIONS Staying true to FOTP's traditions, the show needs iconic performances, and that's where the talent of the forum comes in! If you'd like to perform, send a PM to myself, @Hannah. and @blankdreams. with a link to your performance, you can upload it anywhere you like. We've got no restrictions so be creative, original, and do your best to slay the FOTP hunties! You've got until March 6th, 2017 to send it in. That's all you've got to do for now! Tune in soon for the voting!
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    I'm about to become very unpopular but oh well! Join us as I reveal the nominees for this years FOTP Music Awards! Thanks @Tampon for this list kii! This will be the only time I mass tag y'all I swear dont hate me too much
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    One year ago today, I went to the first #FreeKesha protest in NY. Wow how time flies
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    Can you at least act like Gaga did a fucking good job? She did the absolute MOST to please us the past week, and you pit her down like she does no effort. Jesus Kevin.
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    omg im fucking SCREAMING at atrl right now did yall see the post where one of the kats was making a quadratic equation and graph to predict when the song would "hit #1"
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    A must read for fantasy lovers
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    The fan should've kept his hand for himself but in my opinion T.I. would have acted differently if it was a woman.
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    Yes, the rumors are true, I'm coming out with my first FOTP TV show on the newly founded "Slither Productions" Network! I figured I would introduce the characters first, and the first episode will come shortly! Below are the characters that will be featured in the new FOTP series "The Golden NUDES"! @Taylor as Taylor Nylund @Sylk as Sylk Devereaux @Hannah. as Hannah Zbornak @Hylia as Hylia Petrillo @Daenerys as Cody Zbornak Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main (Hannah's mother) Role: Hannah's ex-husband Description: Sweet and ditzy Description: Horny slut, often Description: A cunt. Description: The funny, witty Description: A rat. but secretly a diabolical snake. lies about her age. old hag of the clique. Age: 68 Age: 42, 50, 69, 66 Age: 70 Age: 90 Age: 74 @Kali as Kali Swift @TattooedHeart as Lily Zbornak @Saiga as Saiga Ciccone @Hyun. as Hyun Williams @Diamond as Scott Clark Role: Common friend Role: Hannah's daughter Role: Common friend Role: Neighbor Role: Lily's boyfriend Description: A common friend Description: A troubled teen Description: A common friend to Description: The nutty neigh- Description: The star Quarterback to the 4 women, a bull in a just about to graduate High the 4 women, another old hag. bor who was kicked out of her on the Football team. Lily's boyfriend China shop. School, pursuing a singing career. home for... many reasons. of 3 years. Age: 60 Age: 18 Age: Unknown, scientists were Age: 40 Age: 18 unable to carbon date back that far. This is the cast for now, there will probably be additions soon! The series premiere should be up tonight, but if I decide to be a lazy cunt and sit around PMing @Daenerys about Jimmy Garoppolo it might be tomorrow. Take care and be on the lookout for the first episode! x
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    Happy Valentines day everyone a day later
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    Uhm, this is such a subjective question. Everyone likes their fave for something different and while I've always agreed Katy is not the best live performer, I've always appreaciated her for her work, dedication, voice (I genuinely like her voice), fun personality. He doesn't come off as a pretentious pop star, she's unique. She can sing, she's proven herself, she can write, she is involved in creating her music, I've absolutely loved OOTB, probably my favourite album of all times and I also I really think she is beautiful. If you can't relate to her as an artist I guess it's what makes all of us different. Also, her comment last night wasn't a Britney shade, she probably voiced it wrong. She actually likes Britney, why in the world would she shade her. She meant that she tried all the hair colors from the spectrum and the last thing she could do is shave her head but she'll do it when she has a public breakdown.. SMH
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    (Banner designed by @Hyun.) Hello everybody, I hope that you are all ok! What can I say? Well... The Iconic Top Answer Game has returned for its 5th edition and I'll be hosting! If you're willing to play this game and don't know how it works, feel free to read the TAG Information Thread! There you'll get to know the main rules of the game and how it works. It's very easy to learn how to play this game. Questions are always fun to answer and this game is definetly worth the try, that's why it lasted so long! Of course, everyone is allowed to join the game, and you should do it! The game will last for 4 rounds (There will be one round per week). At the end of each round, I will show a table with the partial scores. Unlike the previous hosts, I'll provide fun and original questions. Not everybody can do that! The results show will be every Sunday at a certain time you'll have to decide. If you want to participate, please vote in the poll above! Be sure to tune in at the results shows because you'll have the opportunity to 'snatch' 40 (or 50) bonus points. Exciting, isn't it ? I will add up the points every round. At the end of the 4th round, the winner of the game will get... a 2 month free VIP Package! The runner-up also receives a one month free VIP Package! The winner will have the opportunity to host the next game if he or she chooses, or if not, they are allowed to nominate another member to take over! You have one week to PM me your answers, so do it by Saturday at 8PM UTC! Without more to say, here are the 10 questions ! : 1. What is Nicki Minaj's greatest asset ? 2. Who is FOTP's favorite fav ? 3. Which Gay-Friendly country would you like to visit ? 4. Name an animal associated with an artist. 5. Who is the biggest Flop Diva at the moment ? 6. Does Kehlani truly deserve a section ? 7. Name a song written by Beyoncé. 8. Describe Justin Bieber's personality in ONE word. 9. What is the first word that comes to mind when I say Lady Gaga ? 10. Is Dua Lipa underrated ?
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    Just found out I'm going to be an uncle I'm so excited
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    You say this as Million Reasons skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes the minute the show was over
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    Don't forget trans women. Don't forget disabled women. Don't forget intersex women, black women, Latinas, Muslim women, Jewish women, etc. Defend and support ALL types of women, not just a select few.
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    We're all chained to the rhythm! Katy Perry debuts at #1 on the FOTP Last.fm chart with her new single, Chained To The Rhythm. Lady Gaga released a music video to John Wayne just a few days ago which helped it debut at #2, it was only a few scrobbles away from beating Katy but clearly everyone else were too busy dancing to the distortion. K-Pop group BTS and Oakland R&B singer Kehlani also snuck into the chart surprisingly having a lot of scrobbles. But as we look at the Artist chart, Mother Monster Lady Gaga has snatched the crown. Despite not being #1, she managed to have the most scrobbles as an artist combined. All of her studio albums were scrobbled which helped her out a lot. Unexpected artist Ethel Waters appeared on the chart, only one member scrobbled this artist and she beat out faves like Kylie Minogue, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj because of that achievement she comes in at #9 on the artist chart. See you all next week, will Katy stay #1 for another week? Or will your fave replace her? It's all up to YOU.
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    I hope your mom's mug survived the fall, because she spilled tea everywhere
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    btw I'm shook at FOTP loading so quick I feel like I just went from connecting from an isolated town in rural Africa to Stockholm