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  1. you're welcome!!! I'm so excited to see the results. THE TOUR KICK OFF IS SOOOO SOON! Thank you so much
  2. They didn't have any of the screens out which was weird as the company (Tait Towers) is known for their LED stuff mainly lighting factors of the show such as screens and LED set ups. It was an incredible opportunity! The stage was HUGE and took up such a big portion of the warehouse, the C stage it's self was gigantic. I can say that a platform came out of the center of the stage and then these two LED looking rectangle box things came out of the platform, hard to explain... they were testing it out. He said that sometimes they work on the stages up until two weeks before the show so I'm sure the stage is off to Japan now for final dress rehearsals for when Tay arrives!!
  3. I toured the company who is doing the 1989 tour stage (it's only an hour from my house. I want to get into tour directing so I asked for a tour and they gave me one) and I got to see the stage two weeks ago guys!! It's MASSIVE.
  4. Best album of 2014 tbh I kinda overplayed it myself too, Feels Like Vegas and Cold Sweat are my current favs, but they're always changing. Last week it was Bet and the week before Far Side of the Moon
  5. Ugh I saw lana last night and she was perfect. I was third or fourth row and I yelled "you're gorgeous" and she responded "do you really think so?"
  6. James should join fotp
  7. Awkward for op #5
  8. We are how'd you know
  9. Moderator Notice: Inappropriate Language
  10. Moderator Notice: Inappropriate Language
  11. Delusion
  12. Anyone who thinks flawless would be a hit is quite dumb
  13. I cannot with the fucking delusional. I'm a little monster, but gaga has such a ignorant fan base. Gaga is not the first person to put a car onstage, just because something is similar doesn't mean it's recycled or copying. And this tour is not low budget at all. God damn
  14. She's still allowed to perform it. It's not like she got permission from outcast to cover hey ya.