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  1. Janet
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    bukkake is technically a baby shower

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    Not a good friend then
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      He can do that in christina aguilera, the debut album! shrug1 

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    my hubby Trevor put ha in her place tho!
  6. I don't like her voice for many reasons, not just her tone. The angry response You were the first Katy stain that came on my mind and it was a nice request for a good Katy performance since I don't stan her, and her stans know the best. But looks like you have some issues that you have to deal with, considering the angry response, so I'll let you to it.
  7. I do know about vocals sis and that was an okay performance for her limited vocals and the fact that you stan for Xtina and then try to convince me and others that Madonna can sing Katy level performance, I guess @QUINN can send us a link of a good vocal performance by Katy
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    lmfao2 still iconic