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    woke queen!
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    iconic my queen
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    their 2 worst singles from their worst album?
  4. i cannot stop bopping cry7


  5. Britney Spears - 24 Madonna - 38 Christina Aguilera - 26 Beyoncé - 36 Lady Gaga - 34 Katy Perry - 38 Taylor Swift - 8 Rihanna - 32 Ariana Grande - 22 Lana Del Rey - 42 Kesha - 34 Dua Lipa - 22 Kylie Minogue - 34 Mariah Carey - 30 Nicki Minaj - 28
  6. i have met ariana once (and again in april woo), 5H 4 times (plus ally & normani another time at waffle house), charli & tori kelly once all were extremely positive experiences tbh. the ariana one was really quick and rushed but i managed to make her laugh and she is so cute. we met charli at her tour bus before a show so me and my friend actually had a full-on conversation with her, humble queen tori is super friendly, she took like 6 selfies with me on my phone. and ofc i always love meeting 5H, they're so sweet and fun with their fans - 2 of the 4 times i met them were really rushed which especially sucks cause I'm trying to interact with all 5 girls but the other 2 were amazing. but yeah they talk to you like you're old friends and they ask you questions about yourself and compliment you and make you feel amazing and like i said i was able to meet A & N at waffle house after their concert last summer so i got some really great one-on-one time with them, Ally is the absolute sweetest person alive. when i met them them again this summer on tour, she remembered me also Lauren is the best hugger, Dinah is the funniest, and Camila is the friendliest
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    that was disappointing their best single since DNA deserves better
  8. i'm neon phosphorescent open like a christmas present
  9. hopefully
  10. Vadge's by far Bieb's is good but so overplayed now beyboon's is just awful
  11. Rumor

    this video is going to END careers
  12. yesss Jealous Girl is one of my fav of her unreleased
  13. the production is such a mess but i lowkey love it the mu-mu-mu-muSIC part scalps a bit
  14. Game

    10 for sure
  15. this sounds amazing