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  1. Hey Eddie, how ya been man?

  2. Photos

    i love him!!!! i hope they can make a hit
  3. So it's officially 4th harmony now right 

  4. Album

    Omg she best hurry the fuck up I've waited so long
  5. Discussion

    Oh my god I neeeeeeeeed it, my body is craving it
  6. I know my girl Tiffany so I know it wasn't me
  7. Celeb News

    I'm so fucking happy
  8. Ashlee Simpson needs a comeback, i listen to her albums this weekend. They are masterpieces. cry7

  9. life is so crazy and bangs are going to the left

  10. Discussion

    ugh it could've been amazing
  11. Discussion

    if only we had this in full
  12. stop it, it makes me sad to think about it.
  13. oh so i guess i read 300k on twitter from a britney stan who inflated numbers a bit
  14. so many username changes and i'm too lazy to go click through profiles cry3