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  1. Saw a gross "God is cleansing America" comment on FB under new Trump bullshit, looked at the picture and boy.... jj4


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    2. Tiny Little Bows

      Stephen Fry is that you?

    3. ajp

      She should fix the herpes before taking photos of herself ny12


    4. Taylor

      Goosey's wife looks amazing here!

  2. I don't think so, but when I hear nothing about nothing from a person I like, it makes me uncomfortable, like they're deliberately ignoring big things that happen around them, as long as they're not affected. I'm also allergic to uninformed, standart, vanilla cookie-cutter slogans they use without giving a shit, obviously
  3. I'm glad there are people who didn't come here asking if Gomez died My friend is a huge Selena fan, and I hear even MAC has a line out for her anniversary. Weirdly, I never heard her songs!
  4. Photos

    Dumpa Lumpa stans trying to start the Dumpa Lumpa craze
  5. Photos

    In a loveable manner
  6. Photos

    I screamed when I found this, I was so happy. This should be the official Kylie section gif for "Hear you been posting shit opinions" gif for threads like LiamSHOCKSTHEWORLDWITHHISTASTE and Aidan's top 20 fillers nobody but him likes aka Some Kind of Cat's Litter Appreciation Thread (0 new posts)
  7. Photos

    Me exterminating cockroach Liam's crazy scores.
  8. Review

    Tornado came to the wrong user's neghbourhood how dare
  9. what is this
  10. Post, hoes, don't let this die
  11. Event

    But professional zero score sniper is Vilppu
  12. I shooked.mp3 myself by realizing, while lying in bed ill (might've affected my judgement?), that KM is a better album than IP. IP has Breathe, Tears, Cowboy Style and You're the One, but the ratio of good song to decent song is much higher on KM. I don't think it even has bad songs aside from a filler Time cover.
  13. Honestly, that circumstantial evidence bullshit Obviously Jay and Bey would use some international man of mystery to, somehow, promote their streaming site
  14. Who that coke smuggler and the secret agent though