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  1. Discussion

    We officially crossed over into the twilight zone where I don't even understand what are those titles even about
  2. Get Outta my Bog is the worst single of the decade, have they been smoking funny cigarettes
  3. Surprise Trump I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me
  4. Other

    Not me being online, but in bed Sorry! Fuck! Is it happening tomorrow?
  5. Game

    Same kind of empowering anthem she already has aplenty 5!
  6. Other

    Nice Maybe some other people will come? You can status the link, and we'll play whatever anybody wants!
  7. Other

    I'm slacking out at home so I'll be online if it happens, but will there by anyone else
  8. Viva Forever - Spice Girls
  9. That random secret concert for the Cartel members
  10. I require all of you spend 40 secs on this video and learn how to make your entrance rip2 The editing is authentic, India wtf fall5


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Vertigo-go

      I think she shoots lasers from her bindi tbh


    3. Radio

      "keeping up with the kardashians: India" Screaming


    4. Urbanov

      this can't be real fall8

  11. Discussion

    I don't really have an opinion on old singles since I wasn't there originally and couldn't be happy/indifferent those songs were released as singles, but Shitting Around and Piss Stain were on Mtv all the time when I was in school, and no wonder I didn't notice Kylie's efforts back then
  12. Discussion

    Who the fuck doesn't love this song Even non-fans of both artists love it One of the most famous songs of the 90s I actually opened a magazine recently, and in the retro section saw the song being number one on the charts back then, so I guess the talent won (unlike this thread)
  13. Game

    I fucked up I made a piss stain 4!
  14. This ugly text from the STR promo needs to GO