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  1. Discussion

    For what it's worth, I haven't seen anything about it in the UK. I haven't been on many news sites but I didn't see a single thing about it on social media
  2. Discussion

    It's only the white republican media and supporters who are butthurt about her comments and making a huge fuss about them, making it look like more people care than they actually do Most decent sane people support the people marching yesterday, and none of them will be seriously condemning Madonna for her comments
  3. I agree. But she will probably do it
  4. One song from Joanne, bullshit- this is huge promo for the album. She will 100% do Million Reasons
  5. Not true. She is one of the main RCA priorities for 2017
  6. this isn't the official chart
  7. Politics

    how is he still allowed to tweet?
  8. Photos

    katy hudson
  9. Review

    i thought this was the real naomi campbell
  10. Celeb News

    They look so hot Normani being a little extra tho
  11. Performance

    fucking SLAY girls so proud
  12. This... It's TRADITION to have exciting guests at the super bowl. People are gonna be very disappointed