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  1. Ali singing the theme song. Surely Dina should get a role too?
  2. Ew you say such ugly things, wash your mouth out If you had actually listened to her albums, you'd know that since Paradise her music has been darker, more experimental and left of centre. This is returning to her more mainstream pop sound, but still retaining her sound and style. What, were you expecting her to release a techno album or an EDM album? That's not who Lana Del Rey is
  3. With such boring shit songs. What is wrong with the world?
  4. Discussion

    Visual representation of Perez I think
  5. Nowels, Menzies, Reid and Haynie Born to Die is BACK
  6. LANA IS BACK cry1 

  7. Beauty Behind the Madness: Earned It - In The Night - As You Are Dangerous Woman: Leave Me Lonely - Everyday - Sometimes My Everything: Be My Baby - Break Your Heart Right Back - Love Me Harder Lady Wood: Influence - Lady Wood - True Disaster - Cool Girl Revival: Revival - Kill Em with Kindness - Hands to Myself - Same Old Love ANTi: Kiss It Better - Work - Desperado
  8. KING That's just as much of a myth as the original claim
  9. Event

    lmfao @ stans acting like this is a real issue that the public are concerned about it. she said it on the flipping e network, literally Does feel like she is having some sort of. breakdown over her poor sales though
  10. Celeb News

    I don't think she means it in a nasty way but she should stop bringing it up and realise that it was a real issue that Britney was dealing with, not just some slice of pop culture meme mess
  11. this whole project is awkward
  12. Review

    If you're such a fan of this 'straight guy', you should open a thread and post all his videos in there
  13. Review

    stop posting these videos we'll subscribe to his channel if we want to see every video he does
  14. Discussion

    DW was the best female pop album of the year by far