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  1. Performance

    It wasn't bad. I enjoyed it.
  2. what annoys me the most is that if it was a black girl with this type of behavior she wouldnt be this successful
  3. omg thank you. I'm not the only one who thinks this song's so average and not that upbeat as it states it is
  4. I'm just gonna leave this thread
  5. I have no idea. It's annoying for them to do this and I'm sitting here genuinely trying to see if I can get into this bitch
  6. It depends if its a streaming force on majority platforms now seeing that Billboard has given sales more power and added Pandora to it's charts.
  7. Along with shading Katy you gave ammo for them to shade Million Reasons nosediving down the chart, smh. ANYWAYS, it's a political song and not some preteen anthem. It prolly won't do well.
  8. Photos

    am I the only one getting Sia Cheap Thrill teas from this?
  9. Single

    the song is hella Sia and that bugs me.. I like that she went political, though, however the song isn't THAT upbeat in comparison to upbeat dance tracks from earlier times and the song is suppose to be this upbeat dance song with a message when really, it's not. I love it Lyrically, tho. So I'm torn.
  10. Crazy Frog was also a thing worldwide
  11. The whole outfit she wears on the motorcycle is straight Judas teas.
  12. Other

    Idk how I feel about it yet
  13. Discussion

    thank god Billboard recently gave Spotify less power by adding Pandora
  14. Top 10 definitely.