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  1. I rather do regular matches, tho tbh. once I get my team up and running
  2. I JUST got the game last week, so I would need more time.
  3. A lackluster, drawn out project that has no character, empty and insulting dancehall songs that lean more to white-washed reggaeton that led to Drake being overexposed, tiring, and just reveals how trash he's becoming. Yet people are eating this shit up like it was the rap album of the year and spawning a few top 40 hits This is literally Drake as Squidward and the rest of the world who knows good rap music as the art critic.
  4. Charts

    UGH. You're right. I lowkey wanna change it.
  5. Kyoteki's Top 20 Songs Of 2016 Last year when I tried this, it didn't fall through; this year I'm keeping it short and cute. I'm only talking about 20 songs from this year that stuck with me. This year a lot of my favorite artists really disappointed me in music, so I ended up exploring more left field acts and find songs I really enjoyed and stuck with me. I explored more of the RnB and Hip Hop side of music and discovered some interesting acts that I may not follow, but their albums stuck out with me. Plus this is going to hopefully have people explore more albums and artists who were very indie and low brow; but released some amazing pieces of work this year. Without any more attempts on filling in shit trying to make this look cute, here is my damn list.
  6. Discussion

    Ultra Blue should definitely be the first album to listen to followed by Heart Station
  7. Discussion

    Perfume are legit Queens No one can top GODDESS Utada
  8. here


    The Melody and production is so great but those awful lyrics.. dead2 

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    2. Kyoteki

      Like this could have been a GREAT song; The lyrics absolutely ruin it.

    3. H.O.N.E.Y

      She should've called me tbh. It's literally not that hard to write a decent song. rav2 

    4. Hylia

      I am not longing for that pussy tyvm

  9. Discussion

    In a way, cause most K-pop artists chart in Japan, or release their songs in both Korean and Japanese. But pure Japanese artists have it's own success like Some songs that are successful are QUITE hard to find via Youtube because they don't post them on Youtube. While K-Pop, on the other hand tends to go with the international trend in pop music
  10. It's so damn retro either way
  11. WHY. IS. THIS. SEXUAL?! It's a cute Ballad!!
  12. The song. The outfits. The recording I like the song, but holy shit the massive retro this video is trying to bring.