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    Maybe. That or she's going to leek it! Posted from my iPhone using the FOTP app
  2. Album

    Dear X’s, ThanX for preordering my new record, COLLXTION II. I have spent two entire years waiting for this Xact moment. I have put my tears, guts and memories into this body of work, my first full length LP…. I made it for you. COLLXTION II will be released worldwide on May 5th, but don’t worry X’s. I’m not going to make you wait that long. Attached to this email is one of my favorite tracks off of COLLXTION II: Casanova. If you guys were following me during the Unsolved era, you might be familiar with the piano demo of this one. Consider it an Xclusive gift to fans like you who preordered my record. Note: this isn't the lead single... but that's coming soon. On a very serious note: for all the fans who have supported me over these two years – I am so grateful you have been with me on this vulnerable journey. ThanX so much for everything. Are you ready to take over the world together? #CLXII #FEELINGX PS: Post a screenshot of your COLLXTION II pre-order so I can send you some ❤❤❤❤❤.
  3. Album

    Casanova is only instant grat if you preorder it on her store when the countdown ends (in an hour and 25 minutes). It had best be on Spotify tomorrow.
  4. I imagine Naughty, Wanna Dance With Somebody, and On My Way will appear in Part II, which is apparently dropping in April/May.
  5. These are the six tracks appearing on Part I. - I Got You - Small Doses - **** Fake Friends f/ G-Eazy - Bad Bitch f/ Ty Dolla $ign - Gateway Drug - Atmosphere
  6. Be The One is #10 on UK iTunes. Mess.
  7. Not one of them can sing in key.
  8. Great to see Michelle Williams is still booking gigs as a back-up singer.
  9. When you have an outlet like tumblr to thanknfor the majority of your success, then obviously you should be careful about the information you choose to share. Sure its it's not nice that people are throwing things like depression, race and her endometriosis back in her face but it's all part of what she signed up for when she put herself in the limelight.
  10. I love Halsey, but honestly, sometimes the girl just needs to log the fuck off.