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  1. Game

    BOMT The Girl Next Door, Self-titled Oops Lucky, Stronger, 2000, Platinum (idk, OIDIA is a perfect title) Britney Crossroads, Get Nasty In The Zone Toxic, Poison Paradise, Me Against the Music, Shadow, Sex Drive Blackout Freakshow, Breakdown, Mona Lisa, It's Britney, Bitch Circus Reset, The Ringleader, Mannequin, All Eyes On Me, Phonography Femme Fatale 7, Danger, Apocalyptic, 2012, Underground Britney Jean Alien, Feed The Wolves, Emergency, Doppelganger, Echo Glory Private Show, Iconic, Invitation, The Holy Spearit
  2. Music Video

    I actually like it. It's cute and made me laugh. I though that there would at least be a dance number in the laundromat, but eh. I don't expect much from a fourth single that she won't be able to promote much anyway.
  3. Mandy Moore Jessica Simpson
  4. I can't believe there have now been two different homages to this horrible mess of a dress. When Katy did it, it seemed funny. But Leigh-Anne is playing it dead serious.
  5. Discussion

    It's Britney's management's fault. Too little too late.mp3
  6. Discussion

    Seltaco - omg
  7. WBT is probably the more superior song, but I get my life from Fantasy
  8. Game

    I would change that she actually perform some songs from the album other than the singles on the tour.
  9. Other

    I'm gonna be super brave here and out myself -- but that's my channel. Thanks for the cross-promotion @Living Dead Boy
  10. Celeb News

    I really don't think Britney cares -- so neither should we.
  11. Event

    Wow, Adele swept that ceremony. I'm just glad the Chainsmokers didn't win Best New Artist.
  12. Performance

    I LOVED her set! I hope that gets incorporated into the video somehow cause that is an amazing idea.
  13. Photos

    All her looks have been on point this era. She did not disappoint
  14. Rumor

    Probably fake -- or they don't mean buzz as in "promo single" but like "buzzed about new single"