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  1. WIG.
  2. Game

    8, one of the few enjoyable songs from PRISM!
  3. Celeb News

    I'd hope not.
  4. She's truly having a really great year.
  5. Shaun stanning a set of mine for once. The power of Gaga's best song!
  6. This mix of the song is so good.
  7. How about we all take some time to appreciate how good/insane her festival performances are now that she's headlining Coachella.
  8. A modern day legend.
  9. You and I is so fucking good. Definitely in my top 10 Gaga songs, maybe even top 5.
  10. The HIAM/WB hate is like... eek. I enjoy the song, probably a 7/10 but still her weakest lead. In terms of leads: HIAM > Slave > Womanizer > BOMT > Oops > WB > Gimme More > MATM > Make Me