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  1. I hope she's the main artist
  2. I'm not saying it's morally good, just that it's the most stable out of the economic systems that have been tried thus far in human society. Communism makes much more sense on paper, but it fails without exception in real life.
  3. Capitalism in and of itself is not a bad thing, but unfettered/crony capitalism is the problem. You need certain elements of socialism (like social security, and increasingly universal healthcare) in modern society in order to help level the playing field a bit. Because left unchecked, pure capitalism will lead to serious problems, like any form of government.
  4. Safaree claimed that after they broke up because he was bitter, but all the evidence out there disproves it. So no, he didn't write her bars The issue is that Remy is just making shit up, because all the dudes she name dropped are like "uhh that never happened." She looks foolish Stupid Hoe was meant to be funny tho, not some deep proclamation of everything she's capable of a lyricist. Again, I'm all for other females going fisticuffs if it produces better music, but don't be straight up lying in your "drag", because it will get exposed
  5. 80% is a smidge generous tho I already said she had some good lines, but that y'all are gassing it up more than is really due The rhyme scheme is nothing special, a lot of the punchlines are mediocre. Most of the song is just her talking about the men Nicki's supposedly fucked, I mean it's cheap The rest is "you have ghostwriters!!!" despite the fact that that's been disproven so many times it's impossible to count not to mention that Remy didn't know "her" own fucking lyrics when she performed the song last night, I'm sensing a lil projection
  6. Ebro setting the record straight One by one, her little jabs are falling apart
  7. I love the replies too. There are a couple in the vein of "If Nicki did that everybody would be screaming and rapping along", like a) she wouldn't cuz she actually knows her own lyrics and ain't lazy like that, b) at least everybody in the crowd would know the damn words, and c) thanks for pointing out how much fan power is behind Nicki, and how little is behind Remy.
  8. Looks like all of her talk about ghostwriters was projection
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    Can't wait to get sued
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