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  1. I would like to recommend everyone Prayers for Bobby, a film based on a true story. This film fucked me up so much
  2. Discussion

    Frank Turner — Recovery 23 Sep 2015, 12:03am
  3. here

    Who's that in your set moo6 I want more.

  4. Suddenly my wig is on the Pluto! Flawless list
  5. first comment I really enjoyed Love At First Sight and the video is cute! that's how much ive listened to this album EDIT: oh it's an earlier version from the album Fever
  6. here

    Benji is perm-banned? I'm SHOOK gasp1

  7. Discussion

    OMG that's so gorgeous! I might get it in the future!
  8. Yes please I would be so honored!
  9. Ohhh cant wait for the next episode
  10. Well thank you! I'll take it as a compliment!
  11. Perched for another wave of GIFs! Wendy who?