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  2. Someone posted about this huge cloudflare hack on ATRL and that over 4million sites were affected. I downloaded the zip and checked and FOTP is on there rip2 

    1. Americunt

      Yeah, but the chances of passwords getting out for us is pretty infinitesimally small. The plaintext stuff that was getting dumped was pretty much just random nonsense for the most part and the dumps only occurred for about .000003% of requesters on any Cloudflare site. Don't worry.

  3. The Venus acapella is everything giveup1 

    1. hippotamo

      where did u find it?

  4. Then why did she put Feb 24 in the tweet?
  5. I love it Mostly for the lyrics tho. Otherwise it's basic af
  6. So the first one (whatever it is) is coming in 40 minutes right?
  7. If May 23 third is the album release I'll die Lana's upcoming masterpiece released the same day as Gaga's magnum opus BTW six years ago Two masterpieces will share a birthday
  8. Finishing up my cover for CollXtion II cry0 

  9. Album

    JUNE You have got to be fucking kidding me
  10. Game

    I have my ranking done but idk if I'll have time to do any commentary for any of the songs. Can I just send the ranking and if I have time to do the commentary just send that later?
  11. LGBT

    This.. Like I understand a secondary check but I didn't know they could demand passwords..
  12. Music Video

    How the fuck did nothing leak
  13. Music Video

    I thought it was my six flags a couple of times and was like wut I doubt it was tho. Unless she filmed this forever ago. Cause mine has been closed for the winter
  14. Rumor

    One does not troll about LIB Lock dem up
  15. I personally love it. I hope it's actually the title. I think American or American Record sound dumb as titles. Shortening is a no no this era. Love is always gonna be YAIL to me