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  1. Really want Gags to open the HT show with Poker Face cause like if everything's pitch black and then all you hear are those epic "mum mum mum mah's" it'd be so epic giveup1 

    1. #Music

      lbr she will open with Perfect Illusion, the mama papapa version giveup1 

  2. These next ten hours need to fly by so I can like make out with bae again cause it's been too fucking long clap1 

  3. It's amazing Reminds me slightly of an Abercrombie ad but still amazing
  4. When you get to see bae again after nearly four and a half months on Sunday cry8ny3ny10 

  5. I can't at her tour having it's own ig
  6. I hope she just goes all out. I'd totally be here for her doing the most controversial half-time performance ever. People have started getting too used to normal Gaga imo. They treat old Gaga as almost an act now. Like it's not still "her". She needs to remind people that it wasn't an act and it is still part of who she is. Like yes we all know she can sing fucking great. Remind us of the Gaga who beat everyone else when it came to performance art.
  7. I'm so happy about this. I want her to just shine. I don't give a fuck if the GP likes it or not. They have shit taste anyway. Gaga is best when she does her thing.
  8. King Sean O'Donnell
  9. The fact that people actually fell for this
  10. I really only want this for Super Mario Odyssey and the new Mario Kart
  11. Professor: Why did you turn in such a shitty paper?

    Me: Cause I felt watching endless makeup videos on youtube was a better use of my time

  12. I never noticed the LGBT thing with the name Telephone is such a bop tho