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  1. MAXENCE Records Highest rated album by a male artist on Metacritic (Night Air - 84) Best-selling album of Q3 & Q4 2016 (Night Air: 4,233,000) Best-selling album released by a male artist in 2016 (Night Air: 4,233,000) First and only male artist in history and second artist overall to simultaneously occupy both the #1 and the #2 spot on the Hot 100 (Bite #1 + Me & The Mirror #2 s3w8) Best-selling single of Q3 & Q4 2016 (Shhh...: 5,070,200) First male artist to top the Hot 200 with one album for 5 weeks (Night Air: #1 s4w5, s4w6, s4w7, s4w15, s4w16) First male artist to score three quadruple platinum certified singles in 7 months (Bite: 3,898,399 | Me & The Mirror: 4,110,001| Shhh...: 5,070,200) Best-selling new male artist of 2016 & second best-selling new artist of 2016 overall (19,5 million records sold worldwide as of December 2016) Most-viewed non-awards show/non-sports event live performance on CAL Tube (X Factor: 47 million views) Second most-viewed music video by a male artist (Shhh...: 455 million views) First male artist to top the Hot 100 with their debut single (Bite #1 s3w8) Sales Albums Night Air: 4,302,000 Singles TBA Tracks TBA Total 20,047,361 Chart runs & peaks TBA Streaming TBA Other stats TBA
  2. Politics

    ngl this feels so satisfying
  3. oh baby baby have u seen spamy tonight
  4. Omg yayyyyy! OT: I love Troi's album title omg slay me Oceanian Prince
  5. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, did I miss this "first day after awards show CAL Tube management" thing? I just woke up VNMB;N:M Can Callisto performance please be added? <3
  6. @Ronlop CAL Tube: Maxence - Callisto (Live at the VMAs)
  7. Maxence's earnings $393,000
  8. Ryan, I'm sorry for not having sent in my VMA performance yet, it's not even done (GFHJK) but I'll try to get it done by tomorrow Hope we still have some time
  9. Photos

    Ethereal Celtic mermaid themed 90s aqua pop (a new genre that Katy will invent with KP4) Katheryn era is COMING and I'm READY!
  10. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN #Justice4AladdinVideo
  11. Discussion

    Just the thought of the VSUAL that New Testaments could have gotten Damn the Lord and her evil tour video/non-visual album making habits!
  12. Awwww, Ron, I'm sending you all my love & support right now. Like others have said, you can always talk to us if you want to!