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  1. Other

    She looks amazing! People are speculating it was taken the same day as this because of the hair and necklace.
  2. Music Video

    Gorgeous video and one of her best.
  3. Discussion

    I like Video Games and West Coast best.
  4. Discussion

    I buy CDs from artists I'm a huge fan of, or albums that I really like. Everything else I get digitally.
  5. Rumor

    I'm excited.
  6. Rumor

    Here for it! I love that she's using billboards to signal the start of an era again.
  7. I've only heard "Cape Dory", but I love it so much! Are their other albums similar sounding?
  8. Celeb News

    I want more music, but I'd also be happy if he just poses for magazines forever.
  9. It seems a little too soon after the fact to be dramatising it for TV, but it'll be interesting to see where they go with it.
  10. Discussion

    I loved the X era so much and it's great to hear these songs, but it's obvious why they were all left off. They definitely chose the best ones for the album and b-sides, although Sexual Gold is awesome and I can't believe they looked over it.
  11. Rumor

    Hope we hear it soon. Although, I'm not as mad about this song as I am Life Is Beautiful - never hearing that since it was previewed in the movie trailer hurts, lol.
  12. I loved how supportive and appreciative Adele was of Lemonade. It really is album of the year, imo!
  13. Event

    I hope they work together again!
  14. Celeb News

    I love seeing the support for her out there right now. She's been through it, and deserves respect.