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  1. Event

    Poor Unpure Heroin
  2. Event

    But Lorde's music is... not good (for the sake of not being overly shady) so does she count?
  3. Wait mess I just realized why I typed
  4. Event

    He must visit confession if he wishes to be washed clean. God herself is waiting with a copy of X and a Belladonna Bitchfist should he not comply
  5. Usually I'd pick the Taylor song in anything with the word "overrated," but Into You is overrated into realms that I didn't even know existed when it's really not that great.
  6. Event

    Jokes on him, he broke the 69th Commandment "Thou shalt not stan Enjoy Thyself." His ears have touched the flames of sin
  7. Event

    Hunty the section is staying
  8. here


    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      1:55 tho nicki4


      Yaaas at u stanning Peaches she slays my soul. cry6

  9. She's one of the few reality stars to actually release great music. She's fun and releases bops!
  10. When will Lil Kim actually talk about herself and not Nicki Minaj in front of a camera this decade?
  11. here

    I can't believe Zelda is gonna forcefully rip my follicles out in 3 days

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sylk

      and then the excitement of Sylk bday will rip the remaining strands of hair and completely disintegrate the scalp right??


    3. Hylia

      Yes Sylk

    4. BeyIsACunt

      you have some left Funny-Smoking-GIF.gif

  12. Other

    Dolly still releases quite often, so I imagine in the next 10 years that number will climb even more Jolene is one of my all time favorite songs though