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  1. But that isn't really groundbreaking. Quality has nothing to do with it and all those themes have been done before.
  2. Game

    One of the worst of her career. 1
  3. Confessions of a Rusted Whore
  4. Not some pressed people downvoting your posts if you say ROL is overrated. Not that I care, but MadonnaNation agrees. A poll on ATRL:
  5. here

    Brilliant.  gaga13 


  6. Madonna.
  7. Movies I want to see: - Split - A Cure for Wellness - Rings - Resident Evil - The Mummy - Alien - Blade Runner 2049 - The Ottoman Lieutenant
  8. here

    Tennis is a band? orly1 

    I thought we had a new sport section or thread. eve1 

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Imagine a bunch of gays talking sports. What has the world come to? dead2

  9. here

    Such a great song and video by Flop.Lo. oprah2 

     She should drop that EDM shit and go back to her original sound. clap1 

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      No but I do know that Flashdance inspired Jlo's video and Geri's video for It's Raining Men tho. Is that movie good?

    3. Nocturn

      I liked it tbh. I think it is one of the essential 80s movies. It is a cliche, but who cares. It had good music, great visuals and good acting. 

    4. H.O.N.E.Y

      I just saw a clip of the scene where she was dancing in the strip club and honestly JLO did it better. That actress' body is too slim for the role, she needs some thighs tbh. sass1


      Might watch the movie someday cos I'm feeling nostalgic to 80's movies lately.

  10. My fave is old and beautiful. When will yours?