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  1. Game

    cats < mr. peeps < Kesha's only cat that matters < Kesha Hunt
  2. Charts

    @Maraj Can you check if I joined? I don't remember tbh it's http://last.fm/user/KeshaOverdose
  3. here

    West Coast is Lana's best lead single cry9 Ride is a close second though

  4. Other

    @Chris Morlock can I get added again
  5. She has some bops but I think she's trying to look like Kylie Jenner or something and I think it won't work tbh
  6. Discussion

    Mine is http://last.fm/user/KeshaOverdose Followed you @GlenCoco @Sad Dream @Cosmic @Emmi
  7. Game

  8. I was the one to leak the fourth version so I had the other 3 obviously
  9. Game

  10. here


    1. Urbanov

      WHO DID THIS lmfao2

    2. bxigitte

      I'm actually fucking screaming.

    3. GLORY

      @Sylk wig flew

  11. Discussion

    I like Warrior as an album but Animal is better singles wise.
  12. Game

    This. Sleazy 2.0 video, director's cut and Dirty Love video aren't "official" but they're still not fanmade.
  13. Shots are amazing but I think I chose Meet Me In Space because it's newer.
  14. here

    Bad Romance is slaying me like it never did. I thought TiK ToK made me immune against it scream1 

  15. Discussion

    Well I think she wrote more than 200 songs for Animal and more than 50 for Warrior, I don't know if there's unleaked songs from Cannibal but but still so many songs tbh And imagine the demos Edit: and Lip$ha
  16. Discussion

    My most anticipated snippet was Woo Hoo and it leaked so painfully that I haven't cared much about snippets since then. But still, there are so many old unleaked Kesha songs
  17. here

    oh wow 


    1. Taylor

      not her looking even better 3+ years later rip4 

  18. Celeb News

    I want to return my copies of Animal and Warrior years later just to make him lose money.