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    possibly related?
  2. Your Dick Needs Cleaning is so overrated
  3. i literally hate myself bc my life relates so much to Better the Devil You Know rn
  4. The superior Kylie, Ms Minogue, dropped her case against the secondary reality tv personality Koolaid Jenner today. It is more than likely that Legendlie settled outside of the courtroom, which is typical for these types of cases. For those of you not in the know, Legendlie recently filed a copyright infringement claim against the Jenner spawn after it emerged that the latter was attempting to trademark the name "Kylie" and the brand for her flash-in-the-pan 'career', despite the fact that the obviously more famous Legendlie Minoguesus has had an infinitely more successful and global 30 year career with a string of hits and iconic pop culture moments. Let's kii at the shade in the court documents anyway:
  5. I think she's just exaggerating, like "oh we met about five months later" as a way of saying that it was a long time between when they first met and when she phoned him.
  6. Can we PLEASE talk about how great this compilation album is? I mean, the cover serving indie realness As well as a tracklisting rivalling some girls' actual albums The fact she gave us singles as well as alternative versions, rare songs, AND unreleased tracks And that's not forgetting the HEAVENLY Take Me With You that literally takes you on a spiritual journey onto another plane of existence My ONLY criticism is that she should have included all the other unreleased tracks that were supposed to be on the original tracklisting as well
  7. Bye Bye should NEVER have been released as a single, she was so obviously gunning for One Sweet Day 2.0 but it killed the era. Migrate, Cruise Control, or even Side Effects would all have served as better singles, particularly the former track.
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    We could call it les love Les sex Les hands on les legs 8/10
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    This ICONIC gif http://i
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    Omg we need a Dannii thread, just to @ her sad "career"