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  1. Automatic Love vs If I Was Your Lover
  2. I'm So High vs Secrets
  3. Exorcise Yourself was #3 on the charts when the Berlin Wall fell down
  4. this is like Sophie's Choice except both of the kids are ugly stupid and deserve genocide
  5. Trump should just make his border out of Shite Years CDs
  6. Confessions > American Life > Music > Hard Candy
  7. Blackout > In the Zone > Britney > Oops! I Did It Again > Circus All brilliant though
  8. ALL of her songs called Right Here Right Now slay
  9. Having a moment to Let's Genuflect to It (album), oh wow.mp3
  10. de-i-ty is actually so good so shut up
  11. Celeb News

    Legendlie clearly has you PRESSED if you feel the need to try (read: fail) to drag her yet still stan her music. I guess that's what happens when you're an internationally recognised, critically acclaimed pop culture icon who is liked by more than just 14 year old emos!
  12. Celeb News

    Imagine being this pressed!
  13. Celeb News

    The sad fact is that he is, he "likes" Fever and Body Language