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  1. here

    I am 100% convinced that no Rihanna song will ever be as emotional as Love Without Tragedy brit2 one of her best songs 

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    2. rosekesha

      Question Existing exists demi1

    3. #Music

      @rosekesha reported for breaking such a flawless chain

  2. here

    I fucked up rip2 I panicked trying to buy Gaga tickets and accidentally spent $500 buying two sets of seat seats in completly different areas rip2 

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    2. Honey

      Pittsburgh. I gotta resell them dead2 

    3. Vertigo-go

      What, you can't get them back? lKMZKG2.jpg

    4. Honey

      Nah dead2 I'll wait a bit and resell them at a higher price. Gotta get that income 

  3. Oh goodness no! I was implying that people who shame people for their body tend to be the people who have no good friends around them in the end! Because who needs that negativity around! Also, this thread is ancient
  4. I understand where offensive jokes can be "lighthearted" at times. I get that. But as someone who has spent a lot of time studying the holocaust, that joke tugged at my heart quite a bit. It was very distasteful and rightfully hurtful to many people. Does he have the right to joke about whatever he wants? Yes absolutely 100%. Should he keep his mouth shut sometimes? Yeah. A lot.
  5. 2012 was a good year
  6. Celeb News

    Omg everyone in the comments saying "Silence of the Lambs"
  7. Discussion

    Ladies ladies... Jason's Song >>>>
  8. I'm proud of her it's an awesome song
  9. I know I don't have a badge, but five is so cute!
  10. Single

    Goodnight Gotham
  11. I loved the song bUT ONIKAAAAA