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  1. here

    I feel so guilty I couldn't make the march. Those who went I'm so proud of you, you gave us all hope 

    1. Hunty Bear

      my god same it seems like such an event oprah4 I was there in spirit!

  2. here

    I know she technically doesn't have any music released, but I think this site needs a Michelle Obama award @Onika demi1 

  3. I hope he and his wife have a speedy recovery!
  4. here

    Well, I'm officially the dancing queen demi1 (for a year) 

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    2. Kali

      Ohhhh I'm dumb fall1

      Happy Birthday Honey cheer1 hope you have a lovely day xo

    3. #Music

      omg rip3 Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! demi1demi1cry6 Joining the 17 y/o's club! ny1 Hope you have an amazing day and year!! hug1

    4. Honey

      Thank you guys cry1 

  5. here


  6. Even though Joanne kinda grew boring to me, I really wanna go
  7. EOG would be powerful music wise. But what I'd like is a really punched up rock version of Angel Down with pictures of BLM-related images/and suicide victims.
  8. Discussion

    2, but 4 is gorgeous.
  9. YUS
  10. Celeb News

    Not at y'all. If it's new music, give it to me
  11. here

    Guys can someone help me figure out what instrument or sound effect is at the beginning of say it right? 


    1. Daenerys

      i don't know, but now you got me bopping


    2. #Music

      Timbaland drums jj2 His staple sound!

  12. Kesha's aren't... well. The best. I quite like her single covers though! EDIT: minus Crazy Kids
  13. Game

  14. This is so stressful. Like what was that text??? What it mean for the case??? Uhhhgghghgv