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  1. I'm terribly sorry, I did this. I have no shame. I am a disgrace to all Kats. I should stop doing it for the kiiiss. DEATH AT GAGA IS BETTER
  2. It wouldn't be 2008 without mentioning I Kissed A Girl or Katy Perry haself!
  3. OMG Imagine that gown moving in slow motion belting "certain as the sun" PHOENIX DOWN ME, ARYANA! edit can someone gif the vid.
  4. Photos

    Kaetherys Perrgaryen
  5. What did she do to gain them?
  6. Just play along, don't anger it, or face the wrath of a thousand Azealia gifs and trivia.
  7. Photos

    but she is your mom
  8. Photos

    Oh yeah, but her being blonde just triggers it.
  9. Photos

    I'm still #teamBLACK but we'll see. a blond era... hmmm interesting enough.
  10. enough with the hype and tease already, announce the album date and drop the lead single next week.
  11. Photos

    I was just about to post this[4] I'm now hair expert, Quinn can u fill me in? Is this what she's aiming for?
  12. It's because Missy is so fucking annoying that it scares some stans. Like how it did with Gwen and Azealia. It's like everything it touches turn to trash. edit How do I tag this, user? edit @♚Missy♚
  13. I am now culturally diverse. I now know how to differentiate what tacky is and what is not. Investigate a billion viewed video, how did it get to the top Hair color, what is uglee and what is not. Checking out who has the most no.1 singles, hoping that some artist doesnt exceed 5 no.1s in one album. Tour stages, the more complex the more entertaining the show will be. Bigger is better. Vocals, if she moves, her singing will be off, if she stays in place, her voice "might" sound well. (applies to any pop girl) I feel like a stage parent. Lyrics that are problematic and not. Visuals, visuals and visuals. Philanthropy. Incorporated triangles in my designs. #teamILLUMINATI It's driving me nuts.