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  1. Barrie is Scottish, so most likely not.
  2. Music Video

    Probably some weird vaginal reference.
  3. Music Video

    No, that's not real. It's not even a picture of Lana at the base.
  4. Game

    It won't. She's not going to work with Auerbach ever again, most likely.
  5. Music Video

    Upload the image on Imgur and then right-click the image, pick "copy image address" or "copy image location". Paste the link you've copied here and it should auto-embed.
  6. Music Video

    Yeah, we've been discussing this in Lanamosity for a while. It leaked several hours ago.
  7. Game

    No worries! Commentary for round 1 isn't gonna be a huge thing.
  8. Small comfort! Hopefully people are a little more careful with whatever falls into their hands for the next era.
  9. Game

    @Tampon @Mystique @Hunty Bear @Jake @Andres Just tagging a few people who I figured would still care and have not yet sent votes!
  10. Yeah, HM only had the HBTB mess. Probably helped that she announced the album really quickly afterwards and we only knew like....three track titles (HBTB, MTWBT and TLY) before the tracklist dropped with the preorder.
  11. Happened during UV too! I got to hear Shades of Cool in like 5kbps over a Skype chat, three days before it leaked!
  12. It's already leaked. If you scrub the metadata, you should be fine?
  13. Yeah, that's where I grabbed it. Feel free to update everyone!
  14. Think the rumored changes involved drums.
  15. Game