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  1. here


    Buy LOVE on iTunes lana1

    1. Honey

      It makes me so happy to see her smile in that video cry7 

    2. Dr. Slay

      Lana smiling is so beautiful oprah4

  2. Yes I use all albums at some point
  3. here

    Buy Under Stars on iTunes alex1

  4. AKA. Brite Lights BTD: Carmen P: Blue Velvet UV: TOW HM: 24
  5. Discussion

    Rise > Roar > Part Of Me > California Gurls > Chained To The Rhythm > I Kissed A Girl
  6. Game

    WC > HBTB > VG > YAIL > Ride
  7. Oh Should I listen to it or not?
  8. I haven't listend to it but is it a slow song or not?
  9. here

    Should I go back to old stuff or not?

  10. I think she will push the album back to end of 2017 or 2018