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  1. Celeb News

    Gaga didn't create these!
  2. No, Ariana sang on that circus/clown show of Madonna?
  3. Well the only physical CD I bought is "The Immaculate Collection", I bought the Living For Love single but I ended illegally downloading the full RH album.
  4. Didn't they perform together at that one show from Madonna last year? They could fit, if the production is good at least!
  5. Girl please? This ain't the first time I see you slightly shading the good sis Ariana and for what specific reason though?
  6. Photos

    I need more though?
  7. This is an interlude for the Dangerous Woman Tour and was supposed to be the intro of the album.
  8. Music Video

    Further proof that how uglier the song, how uglier the video is. Into You, Break Free, Love Me Harder & One Last Time can't relate!
  9. Celeb News

    People are perching for summer Gaga, Dancin' In Green Updates NEEDS to come through!
  10. I've never seen this before, this is actually so good, the power she has when she's for a crowd with a lot of energy is literally her thing, she enjoys it so much