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  1. Well, he wasn't President then, but I doubt he would have jived with the boycotters anyway
  2. I doubt that he'll be supporting anything like it, considering what the President did this morning He was also the National President of the Boy Scouts of America
  3. When word broke on Saturday that Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham would support President Donald Trump's Secretary of State-designate, former Exxon Mobile CEO, Rex Tillerson, all eyes turned to Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who give the Republican Majority their majority vote on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. His was the crucial vote, as many expect that Tillerson will receive little to no Democratic support on the committee, which is rare, but not unheard of from the minority in times of Presidential Transition. The failed 2016 Presidential Candidate confirmed today confirmed today that "despite [his] reservations" - he will vote to approve Tillerson's candidacy, and get it past committee. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell predicted that once Tillerson's nomination got the Senate Floor, that he will be easily confirmed by the Republican Majority and the remaining wing of moderate Democrats. It will be seen as a huge win for the new President, and the biggest hurdle into getting the rest of his cabinet confirmed. Tillerson will become the 69th United States Secretary of State. Source
  4. For anyone who's curious, he also froze hiring for all Federal Workers, ordered the State Department to begin the process of re-negotiating NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, and spoke with the President of Egypt on ways to fight ISIS.
  5. That was what the Obama Administration did when they did away with it, yes. It was longstanding US Policy for nearly 30 years, and when Obama took over in 2009 and did away with it - a lot of people thought that we'd seen the last of it. Guess not.
  6. TPP will go over extremely well with the people put him in office, that cannot be underscored enough - as will the lobbying ban. As to the Abortion Funding Freeze, I doubt he cares, I mean - he said he was going to do it, and he did it This will be a dark four (or even eight) years for advocates of those issues.
  7. Springsteen didn't even occur to me as I read the title I'm pretty sure Bruce Willis is Republican - and Catliyn is for sure one, but Lautnerfied isn't transphobic, so he wouldn't do that. A mess
  8. Bruce Springsteen isn't "one-name" kind of famous - you really need to include it
  9. here


    The power just went off at my house, but there's still a little power on the grid, so it didn't take out the router. 

    And my laptop is fully charged. 

    Thanks god brit2


    1. Hylia

      Greetings from the world of light! Were you hit by one of those big storms the radars have been showing?

    2. Mom

      Yeah, California really needs it though, so I'm not gonna bitch.... as long as I still have internet dead2


  10. Madonna isn't probably going to blow up the White House But the reason her comment was so fucking idiotic is because some nut job watching her speech could try and actually do it. Could literally try and blow up the White House, kill the President and his family. Just because you hate someone, or disagree with them politically, or don't think that they should be in the office that they now occupy is never an excuse to advocate for their death. This type of rhetoric is never cool. In this part of the world, we remove elected officials peacefully, through elections or through the power we give our elected officials in congress. Never through their death. That's why people are giving her shit about it.
  11. The sun is eventually going to devour the Earth, or deep fry it at the very least, it's an unbelievable amount of time until then, but that's how the Earth will be physically destroyed. That's it, barring something like a black hole, or a neutron star or something entirely outlandish . The Earth will be long sterile by that point by the expansion of the sun, or an asteroid impact or something. In 100 million years when the sun prepares to become a giant, it will make it too hot and too cold for life. This is going to happen, it cannot be stopped. By that point, future generations of humans or whatever we've evolved into that point, if we've survived, will have the ability to leave the planet, and will more than likely have relocated to another planet. Donald Trump is not going to destroy the world, it's not the first time the election of a President has made people believe that the world is doomed, Liberty is dead and freedom is dead. It was going on 200 years ago, sun came up. The sun will keep coming up. Be more worried about the sun than Donald Trump
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  13. Achievement

    I never thought I would see the day
  14. here


    They need to stop attacking Hillary for attending dead2 

    She just basically had to watch the first man who denied her the Presidency hand it off to the second man who did it. Sitting with her husband who humiliated her on a global scale. All with a smile on her face. Politics aside, it takes some strength to go through that event. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mom

      Oh yeah, and there were hundreds of thousands of people that booed her at the sight of her and a fraction of those people want to see her go to prison. So she's had a bit of a shitty day - give her a break. 

    3. Tiny Little Bows

      If I were Hillary, I would not have had the balls to go to that. I would be mentally checking out on the beach with a mimosa in hand as far away from that mess as possible. rip4

    4. Mom

      @Tiny Little Bows She kind of had to - she would have been ripped apart if she hadn't, at least this way, she's only taking it from lunatic leftist trolls. The curse of being a former First Lady dead0


  15. here


    Enjoy this last night of sleep, because when you wake up, Donald Trump will be the most powerful man on Earth. dead4

    1. Hunty Bear

      I literally screenshotted the current Google result for "who is our current president/vice president/first lady/second lady" and I'm considering making one of them my wallpaper cry9 I'm in bed and I'm so close to bawling my eyes out omg

    2. Bambi

      Shawn Mendes says hi