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  1. Mess. She gives up a live action remake of one of the most beloved animated films ever to do two crappy shows
  2. here


    You've got to give Kellyanne Conway some credit, the bitch will go to bat for her boss. dead2


  3. Did you know that the dear leader Kim Jong-il invented the hamburger and never had to use a toilet, because thanks to his supernatural birth, he never had to urinate or defecate. The scary part of that is that I didn't make any of that up
  4. Mariah has reason to be pressed with them. She basically had no direct competition and they subbed her across the board. Beyonce is a different story.
  5. 3. For Company and his looks.
  6. It took me a second to remember love takes time
  7. Just over half More than I thought to be honest.
  8. Game

    I don't think I've ever listened to a Rihanna album in full, I can't participate
  9. This. Selma killed her.