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  1. Anti-trump people on ggd make jokes about the holocaust and wish twinks death. That basically makes them not better than Trump, and maybe even worse.

  2. "Barack Obama on Thursday chose his close friend Angela Merkel as the last foreign leader he would call before Donald Trump takes office on Friday. In a phone call on Thursday, outgoing US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared strong US-German ties vital for world order, in an implicit rebuke of Donald Trump. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama spoke with Merkel and her husband, Professor Dr. Joachim Sauer, expressing "appreciation for their personal friendship and efforts to forge deeper partnership between Germany and the United States over the last eight years," the White House said. The White House added that the US leader and Merkel agreed that cooperation is "essential to ensuring a sturdy trans-Atlantic bond, a rules-based international order, and the defense of values that have done so much to advance human progress in our countries and around the world." The outgoing President also thanked Merkel for her "strong, courageous, and steady leadership". "Given their eight years of friendship and partnership, the President noted that it was fitting that his final call with a foreign leader was with Chancellor Merkel, and he wished her the very best going forward," the White House said." https://www.thelocal.de/20170120/obama-merkel-say-strong-us-germany-ties-essential-for-world-order Slaying
  3. General News

    I can guarantee you that there not more crimes in Germany than before the crisis.
  4. I wonder what your "talented favs" think of their talentless stans
  5. And u are who
  6. Merkel's comeback. She popular than ever. 53% of Germans want her as chancellor again. Tendency rising. http://www.focus.de/politik/videos/umfragewerte-steigen-merkels-comeback-so-beliebt-war-die-kanzlerin-zuletzt-vor-der-fluechtlingskrise_id_6512262.html I'm kinda glad, though Merkel is not in my party. #BottomsforMerkel
  7. anyone stanning regina spektor here

    1. PhCh

      yes! gaycat1 haven't listened to her last album yet though dead7 

  8. All the pressed souls here.
  9. The successful Sorry which has over 2 billion views and is a worldwide #1 song. Then Madonna's Sorry cause it slays as well. And beyonces sorry is so meh
  10. I highly doubt that people in the non-western world care when people die here. Anyway, about my country which is one of the most successful western country is frequently news about attacks in 3rd world country, of course people here in the western world care more when it affects us, because this is just normal.
  11. Now the west is only USA? But sis, idk if you already know it but USA and Europe belong both the same cultural sphere. I live few hours away from Paris and I'm not allowed to be more shocked about an attack on a city I'm visiting often?
  12. Oh please. This was in the media. also the fact you believe that everyone in the West is white. and of course incidents within the western world getting more attention simply because it affects us directly.
  13. I will never stand fully behind a leader. Actions need to be questioned, otherwise we drive into facism
  14. LGBT

    As long as we don't live in a society which is open to sexual diversity we need to teach about homosexuality. Same can be taught that sexuality is in general a social construct but as long as that is not the mainstream idea we also need to teach acceptance for people who don't fit the heteronormative society.