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  1. Yeah I think that too. I don't want to excuse his behavior but I also blame the capitalist society we are living in and its lack of understand mental illnesses and traumas. I'm sure with the right help this guy wouldn't had become what he is today.
  2. "Vandals damaged and knocked-over more than 100 headstones at a St. Louis-area Jewish cemetery. The station quoted police as saying that it was likely there was more than one perpetrator. The police have not yet confirmed whether the incident is being considered a hate crime. The incident coincides with waves of bomb threats directed at Jewish community centers across the US. On Monday at least 10 Jewish community centers were targeted with bomb threats, for the fourth time in five weeks. The threats have been called in to JCCs across the country, according to Paul Goldenberg, the director of Secure Community Network — an affiliate of the Jewish Federations of North America that advises Jewish groups and institutions on security. News reports indicated that threats were received by JCCs in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin; St. Paul, Minnesota; Houston, Texas; Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Birmingham, Alabama." http://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Over-100-gravestones-desecrated-at-St-Louis-area-Jewish-cemetery-482152 How are they still considering if that was a hate crime or not. mess
  3. General News

    I agree on airports. But I think it's also important for anytime you need to show ID. E.g elections. I don't know how to feel about schools or law institutions because those institutions need to be neutral. In many places its also illegal to wear crucifixes as necklaces at well
  4. General News

    These shit posts are probably the most irrelevant ones to that case. bye
  5. http://m.tagesspiegel.de/politik/burka-verbot-bayern-beschliesst-verbot-von-gesichtsverhuellung/19421880.html?utm_referrer= Only found german source. Bavaria bans face veils (including burqa) in universities, schools, elections, kindergarten and places where safety needs to be priority. Reasons are that mimics etc. are not seen because of things that hide your face and that our society is build on open communication. Thoughts ?
  6. I'm also wondering what will happen now to the chicks tbh
  7. And now disgusting to think that the chicken industry basically shreds male chicks. Glad those chicks were saved!
  8. Are they lyrics anywhere for Love?

    1. Tampon

      genuis, or any other lyrics site had has them for a while since the leak lol

  9. Celeb News

    Well I still think that his joke is anti Semitic, but I shouldn't have attacked you personally. If you don't see the anti semitism in the joke I feel sorry for you, but I will move on.
  10. Celeb News

    Well I excused. You stay bitter. Your choice.
  11. Celeb News

    Hey, just lets agree to disagree. I'm sorry if I offended you.
  12. Celeb News

    I think the joke is offensive.