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  1. Guys can we talk about how John Mayer is actually using Katy's name to sell his fucking album and I'm really upset about it?
  2. Yeah it's doing really well in Europe!
  3. So since CTTR hit the top 10 of HAC radio in its 3rd week, it's her FASTEST hit of her career to reach the top 10 at radio
  4. CTTR is #8 on the BB100 this week!
  5. In the CTTR thread! iTunes, Spotify, and YT numbers all updated.
  6. We do have enough info, really: the shoe was meant to be vegan, someone discovered that this was not the case, the company apologized for the oversight, and immediately pulled the product as they did not intend to sell products made with animals. I don't see the need for a witch hunt or for accusations that there's shady shit happing, really. Mistakes happen and the way things were handled seems pretty straight forward to me, but I guess these threads are more amusing for FOTP when they can drag Katy for 5 pages
  7. Trump: "science is fake news, and NASA doesn't need all that money" also Trump: GET US BACK ON THE MOON WHILE I'M STILL IN OFFICE!!!
  8. The thing that really makes this a scandal is that Warren and Faye had been given the card for best actress, with Emma stone - La La Land on it (proven by this pic), but Emma had been holding her winning card the whole time according to her: soooo there were two best actress cards??? someone really fucked up.
  9. Rumor

    she's been saying CTTR was the first of many songs that would be released ahead of the album since the Grammys, which was two days after the song was released. I don't think she would change her release plans that rapidly.
  10. Rumor

    So i just did this math, and 1983 hours is 82.6 days. 82 days from Feb 21 (the day the music video was released) is Sunday, May 14. Theory canceled!
  11. Rumor

    She didn't necessarily say they would be actual singles. We had 4 songs from prism between the release of Roar and the album launch, which was about 2 months. Two of them were singles (roar and unconditionally) and two were promo singles (DH and walking on air)
  12. Early projections for next week started at #14 and climbed to #6 within two days, so it's possible! At the very least it should stay in the top 10 on the upcoming chart, and may rise a bit with radio promo for the iheart awards next week!