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  1. Blue Jeans being one of her best videos
  2. Tove Lo, ha power! Buy Lies in the Dark on iTunes thanks <3
  3. I called it! It's actually sounding like a bop!
  4. Terrence Loves You
  5. If her team actually got their shit together she could actually have a hit on her hands But they're incompetent as fuck Also just copy the link into your post, it'll auto embed
  6. Album

    Yup, definitely different from what I expected, but it's looking great so far. Really dancey.
  7. Album

    #CLXII HOTLINE: 1-800-CLX2-M0B So Allie X livestreamed and she did this, a song with whistling plays if you call it.. Omfg it's a bop
  8. Yeah. I was reading on ATRL and apparently someone on LBs has been hoarding it for months
  9. ignore this
  10. Music Video

    She served her best video since Paradise
  11. Music Video

  12. Music Video

    It actually somewhat has a story omg