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  1. I'll do this when I'm not dying from this cold I have!
  2. I hated her for the longest because of the X-Factor bullshit, but once I saw that it was a publicity stunt, I realized she has a kind heart and amazing Rabbit Hole destroys careers and people can only dream of making something as good as +30mg
  3. Discussion

    I understand. They want STS to be COMPLETELY gone so it gets massive updates. Here's to the best.
  4. here

    I stayed home for two weeks and I STILL managed to get sick jj4 What the FUCK

    1. Royalty

      Get well soon! katyanna1 

    2. Jake

      35 minutes ago, Royalty said:

      Get well soon! katyanna1 

      Thank you! 

  5. Did the old mixtapes get stuff added to them or are these completely new?
  6. Game

    9 heavy is the head that wears the crown
  7. watch the inside have fucking bicycles as seats
  8. MESS I never thought of that Spending money on the craziest shit Also follow me on ATRL fat I'm LustSpell
  9. if it has the ears I'm buying all the fucking tickets
  10. Hmm, the guy (Chris) who revealed John Wayne as the next single from Joanne (who also predicted Perfect Illusion release, James Bay performing WEEKS before announced, Ed Sheeran's release date and more) said to get ready. I'm EXCITED
  11. Single

    Best song on Joanne, talent won
  12. here

    I didn't know it was possible for ATRL to get even more fascist but they managed to do it

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    2. Jake

      2 minutes ago, Hannah. said:

      A link for what? Like a DL link? jj4 


    3. Hannah.

      Literally bye I'll be banned before 24 hours is up

    4. Rachel Berry

      Jesus fucking Christ rip4 how do the members there put up with that dead1 

  13. This song is the definition of a hit It smashed all over Europe and a YEAR later it's smashing the UK. On another note, does anyone know its Spotify position, not from the UK, so I can't tell.