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  1. I just squirted a queef out! Make It Happen
  2. Hey babes Somehow I missed my left turn to Snakeland and got here instead I have to say that Dangerous Cover has been actually slaying me for quite a while now Especially DW, Dick Bicycle to Dick Bicycle, Be Alright and Into Deserving Better
  3. I guess KatyKats betta work bitch on getting those streams
  4. Yes Even her hated debut mix-tape!
  5. here

    What is your avi


    1. Arya

      It's Kween Demetria Lovato jj3

      Can't u recognise talent hunny? aura1

  6. Seems like there's a new Regina George in sheep's clothing!
  7. There's something to say about this. Every single KatyKat that's defending Katy's words would have dragged Taylor through hell and back if she said something like that.
  8. J. Kween Rowling slaying his pressed ass
  9. She won't flop, lbr Slow start, but she'll probably pick up
  10. here

    @Physical Okay but who is in your set?


    1. Taylor

      I would love to know as well!


  11. All first 3 singles went top 10 It's not my fault that she decided to release Whisper to em with kindness at the wrong moment Had she released Sober she would now have 4 top 10 hits from the same album Let's face it, Kill em with kindness was a decent song, but the worst one on the album