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  1. 2 dollars and a bag of farts
  2. No hate, I'm actually waiting to see what she has in store music-wise, but this cover kinda looks like one of those eye charts...
  3. Bizarre

    That background music, the edit
  4. I mean... The 4H dance parts in that video are tragic, while LM does great. Yes, 4H has like 2(3?) hit songs, but they're already forgotten 7/27 had tragic sales, LM sells albums decently well, all their albums are platinum in the UK, one is even double platinum
  5. @Vertigo-go Let me explain my point better. Confessions has always been regarded by her stans as her comeback album after American Life, because it was a quality album and it was successful after AF flopped a bit. But she didn't leave the music scene for long between AF and Confessions, it was only 2 years. To put that in comparison, American Life came out 3 years after Music, but it's not called a comeback album, even if her absence from music was longer. (Not counting the compilation album, but even then, it would've been 2 years if you count the compilation album.) And with Christina, Bionic came out 4 years after Back To Basics, but it wasn't supposed to be her comeback album, because Back To Basics was very successful. After Bionic flopped everyone hoped she could comeback slaying with Lotus (Only 2 years later.), but it flopped, thus it wasn't her comeback album. Do you get my point?
  6. Why not though? You said that you thought a comeback album is when you release an album after a long period of absence, and I said that I always thought that it depends on how successful the album is in order to be labeled a comeback album, or at least that's how everyone explained it to me until today, which has me confused a bit!
  7. here

    @Taylor Omg, I just saw my small avi in a topic reply and I was like: "Oh, look, Taylor replied too!" and then I realised it was me fall8

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      @Taylor More like that's why I suggested your name after I decided to leave that job on my own, I like being a charitable HunTy! You're welcome!


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      Taylor outsold


  8. By that logic then even if Lotus wasn't successful then it's still a comeback album, but you stated that it crashed and burnt, meaning that a comeback album depends on how much success it has, so Lotus wasn't her comeback album, but another flop album after Bionic And since American Life wasn't a total flop, then Ray of Light wasn't a comeback album, just another successful release, like you said
  9. Every reply is a contribution though, even if you didn't understand the meaning of it and I had to explain it 3 times! Not that it's a bad thing!
  10. It was needed to explain since you wouldn't get the point, glad you finally got it though!
  11. Oh my... I'm not being defensive, I'm trying to explain to you why 1989 wouldn't have been a comeback album in any possible case, thus why it doesn't belong into this list. You're literally saying the same thing as I am, just changing 1989 to country instead of Red to pop like I'm doing, can you really not see that? Edit: And no, if 1989 was country then it STILL wouldn't have been a comeback album, because Red sold MILLIONS of copies and it was SUCCESSFUL. A comeback albums means that you make a SUCCESSFUL album after you FLOP.
  12. A comeback isn't when you leave and then you comeback though. It's when you release a flop album, everyone loses hope in your career, and then you comeback with an amazing new album that is incredibly successful. I mentioned red because 1989 was put in the poll, and I was just saying that even if Red would have been a Pop album, then 1989 STILL wouldn't have been a comeback album, because Red was very successful. Do you get it now?
  13. here

    That moment after your first anniversary when you're ready to reveal your true self to your lover!




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      Congrats on your anniversary tho yas2 

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      Thank you Kween! yas2

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      @#Music me this year rip2