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  1. Game

  2. im not super stan but i like them too btw MM went to some awards show few days ago so it means hes at least alive
  3. Game

    HN i guess
  4. tbh im not far from that
  5. I JUST FUCKING CANT IS IT ME OR DANCEOFF SHOULD CONTAIN ACTUAL DANCING flipping hair and looking around with "sexy" eyes is not dance oh god this is so fucking awful, not to mention that idea of dance off itself is super cringeworthy
  6. Game

    8 Im lil tired of my baby changed my whole world, im different person now, lemme make album about that type of song
  7. i need anything
  8. i made gifs from say10 preview
  9. Queen of UK underground electro
  10. i love this song in Katy B version is ends lives
  11. we should change award tbh thats one is maybe something from TPE shoot