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  1. Discussion

    some people just cant take a joke jesus , pathetic afterall
  2. Discussion

    also i cant at LM being the sane ones in this it says a lot
  3. Discussion

    omg icant at people acting like she finished her career how pathetic, only trump supporters say that, literally in next few days no one will remember it it wasnt bad, and it was completly overreacted, also that whole investigation thing is bullshit, i mean after all the shit trump said including killing voters, he would have to run usa from jail by now. she will never reach SEX backlash anyway, now its just another monday for her but for anyone who lose their shit over it looking for any reason to hate her its very lame and pathetic and if you're a fan joining to this witch hunt, you clearly know nothing about her, or her history, so i guess if you're about to "stop being fan" it wont be loss for anyone
  4. Game

    10 i still dream of remix with Marilyn Manson tho
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  6. Celeb News

    bitch are you still going with revolution of loveeeeee
  7. Achievement

    just came to post this historic moment
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  9. Game

    7 its a cute song, but its just missing something for me
  10. Game

    69 10
  11. Discussion

    yes its flawless she gave whole another life to this song
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    untag me too pls