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  1. celebrating my bday today with the children from my internship, we're gonna do so much fun stuff yas2 

    1. Kali

      Happy Birthday cheer1


    2. Tasso

      Happy Birthday mad1 

  2. Game

    8 the nostalgia
  3. Raining Men ft. Oniksus aka Nicki Godaj
  4. YES!! I loved them last tour and I would be definetly there for them at this tour
  5. Not so excited about Dj Khaled But Travis Scott he makes bops
  6. Omw to Paris asap! Prisoner live hoping
  7. I JUST REVIVED FROM A HEARTATTACK I SCARED TO DEATH brit15 just got a bill from my insurance policy, which I wanted to pay in periods and I requested that at their site. But the bill had the same amount of money I had to pay so I was like whuuuuuuut. So I called and my request to pay in periods and the bill crossed each other, so I can ignore that bill. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH OMYGOD. 

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    2. Tampon

      wait i just reread and realized the heartattack was an expression not part of the story laughcry1 

  8. Love Tried To Welcome Me
  9. Come back to Europa
  10. Other

    I wanna order one of her fragrances, what do you guys think is the nicest?
  11. AN ICONIC BOP 10
  12. Celeb News

    'You're My Only Shorty' duet finally confirmed?
  13. Murda Business - Iggy Azalea ft. T.I.