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  1. Celeb News

    Same tbh
  2. Celeb News

    Same tbh
  3. A forum fag
  4. @Mint recommend me something revolutionary to listen to plz
  5. I remember when the freak video was slightly controversial for a few minutes
  6. This thread getting the promo it needs!
  7. The one from the best album of the melenium
  8. So you're saying Janet is literally the blueprint to every single alt-R&B girl we're seeing today but Bjork is a better overall artist?
  9. Who is better?
  10. Lina couldn't say no tho cause stefani killed her
  11. dddd Did they expect her to smash or something
  12. Coca-Cola's net worth 192.8 Billion Pepsi's 19.4 Billion pepsi ha decline