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  1. I honestly think BAR is about herself? explains the shift between "my baby" to "but you" when she begins singing about herself, she's the obsessed one
  2. Music Video

    can you repost? spoiler is empty
  3. Music Video

    Ohhh, gosh I need to shut up a bit
  4. Music Video

    It's been going around rapidly for a few weeks, and months slowly before that, so not really?
  5. Music Video

    wait tf? the music video?
  6. Music Video

    legit thought this was the whole album for a second for some reason, got a heart attack ok
  7. Game

    MTE don't have time for the commentary sorry, this was harder than I thought omfg, wanted to give + to like 95% of things
  8. Honestly hopefully her team patches things up for the next era, the downfall from HM, things actually don't leak that fast imo considering the amount of people that get things this era it seems, but her team needs to figure it out
  9. With HM she could talk and hype shit all she wanted and nothing happened too , with BAR we technically know a lot less and if she so much as teases something with a mysterious poster she gets it thrown in her face, at least not much else is left to leak at this point
  10. Yeah I meant like Honeymoon was a solid and secure era all things considered, UV was still messy with Black Beauty and everything leaking a few days before release, HM only really had HBTB like 3 days prior? and now her messiest era leak wise since BTD, the difference
  11. Throwback to Honeymoon, all we had were vevo private videos if lucky, I really thought that would be the end of the leaky messy eras for a while
  12. Game

    Well what are you waiting for?
  13. No I wish all I know about the sound is what eclipse has said and I don't remember much, I think he said it's rougher, drums and guitar, but a lot better? he thought the demo was extremely underwhelming and the final did it for him from what I remember, so I'm looking forward.
  14. its not even teasing as much as its me losing my shit in here over getting something bc this is where i lose my shit over lana stuff, and then sharing what i can bc it's not like people steal info from here anyway honestly though just listened to the leak in full and it sounds fine? like good enough, i wouldn't worry about it Yes, the final version isn't gonna leak, few have it.