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  1. Music Video

    What are y'all talking about I thought it's very good, definitely better than something like Side To Side. The less polished approach made it look so effortless, it flows very well and Ari is amazing in it. A nice break from the over-produced, super refined videos pop girls tend to release. The song is also nice, lemme stan DW a bit
  2. here

    Love Ariana in Everyday oprah2 

  3. The nori research has been debunked When the Watanabe group analyzes a food for B12, they often find molecules that they believe to be the vitamin. But a complication with simply finding B12 in food is that the food might also contain inactive B12 analogues that interfere with active B12. The Watanabe group is well aware of this and often analyzes the food for some of the typical inactive B12 analogues. Sometimes they feed the food to rats to see if it lowers the rats’ methylmalonic acid (MMA) levels, the prime indicator of B12 activity. Based on how much active B12 and inactive analogues they find, and any results with rats, they make recommendations as to whether a food can provide B12 for vegans. In their latest review, based on the results of their various experiments combined with a study in which six vegan children stayed healthy eating large amounts of seaweed, they suggest that nori is a “suitable” source of B12 for vegans. The biggest flaw in this theory is that there is a study that tested raw and dried nori using the gold standard of lowering MMA levels in humans (2), and although the authors of this study were optimistic about raw nori, the fact was that both dried and raw nori reduced B12 status in their subjects. The rest have not been tested as you said, and even if they're proven to be sufficient I doubt many would rather have mushrooms on the daily instead of a simple supplement. The supplement lobby tho I know the body does a great job on recycling B12, but that doesn't mean that deficiency will not make its appearance sooner or later. Better be safe than sorry. Absorption IS an issue even when it comes to supplementing, only about half of a 1mg dose will get absorbed (and even less if you double the dose). I've heard about the Indian in the UK research and if I recall correctly the cause was the second theory you posted. Can you link the low-protein diet theory though I'm interested Anyway enough playing little nutritionists If anyone's curious just get a blood test to see your levels and act accordingly Back to Katy
  4. What's in debate? Plant based foods have no B12 unless fortified, that's why vegans must supplement (or I guess eat soil). The fact that some people who follow an omnivorous diet may need to supplement is also true, but the difference is that it's possible to reach desirable levels of intake without supplementation. A nutritiously poor diet is possible whether you're a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan. According to Harvard evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman: Cooking makes it easier to chew meat, but evidence suggests that the regular use of fire for cooking didn't pop up until perhaps half a million years ago—far later than the changes to H. erectus. Also, evidence from archaeological and paleontological research points to a spike in human meat consumption by at least 2.6 million years ago. However, we have plenty of evidence that hominins had begun making stone tools some 3.3 million years ago. Those tools could have been used as pounders to tenderize foods, a practice seen in modern chimps. Flaked tools can also slice foods into easily chewable pieces or remove skin, cartilage and other bits that are harder to chew.
  5. Why are some people so fucked up
  6. That's actually a result of capitalism 😂😂
  7. Squid is not that uncommon at all, but I had no idea guinea pigs were consumed
  8. It's not, we have the appropriate enzymes to digest meat and its consumption was significant to human evolution. That's not to say that a vegan diet is not viable in the 21st century, it can be balanced with the right food choices and supplementation.
  9. Well let's be real, it's not like she's a full time designer. I would assume her involvement isn't much deeper than just approving designs and giving ideas. It's good that the company responded swiftly by removing the product from sale.