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  1. She's been painfully quiet, lately This must mean she and her team are getting ready to launch something. Anyhow, this may or may not be new album related...but Danny L Harle is going to be CRJ's special guest at her Seoul concert next month. That's a long way for Danny to go to have him spin one sone with her. I'm wondering if there will be new tracks that they recorded together that will be launched at this event. We'll have to wait and see
  2. I've actually never heard anything on the radio by Dia Lupa - so like the GP, I don't think of her
  3. Discussion

    I would say 3 weeks from today. The only reason why is I think they are waiting until after the SB to give MR one last shot. Most labels give a song 90 days on radio before pulling it. They will know pretty soon after the SB to either pull it and release the 3rd single to radio and then the video.
  4. Discussion

    It takes about 3 weeks for editing before we will see anything. I'm betting on after the Super Bowl and before the Grammys. Get that attention before Lemonade
  5. After 180 days on the US Top 40 Radio Chart...Scars to Your Beautiful has finally reached the #1 spot That has to be a record climb... We love you Alessia, despite the Grammys snubbing your successes over the last year+
  6. here


    I think this sums the day up... interesting1


  7. I own her music. She has some good bops She could have been just as popular as Kylie, but that Playboy Centerfold thing was really not the direction she should have gone.
  8. Operation "Destroy Kardashians" is working
  9. Discussion

    I have the US Arista version. It was a good release for the US since KM94 or IP weren't released in the US (except on Import for $$$). Automatic Love was worth the price alone Oh, and how about the irony that this went Gold in the UK but IP never did.
  10. Discussion

    September 11th! How pre-Glitter of her