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  1. Rumor

    If she posted an album cover now id maybe be good until she released the lead single
  2. Game

    Supernatural vs Hungover
  3. Discussion

    I love how she reconstructed the deconstructed version of Bow
  4. thanks also, ur walecum for your 5500th rep
  5. i thought Rolling In The Deep was Jackson 5 and Summertime Sadness was Cher
  6. this is the first that shes not in first
  7. Game

    5. her voice ruins it
  8. Discussion

    gorl bye hes basically the resident M stan of FOTP
  9. Rumor

    there was gonna be a book?
  10. Game

    10 my fav since the release
  11. can someone post these for me in vip
  12. Politics

    but she is a gold-digger but the hate is definitely dumb.
  13. Gaga is more talented than NK so