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  1. No PM from you so far! I guess you are not a slasher this time. Lmao I feel like this round is gonna be so hard because Idk/trust anyone here. Being a victim is also much harder than being a slasher.
  2. Her best song.
  3. Game

    7,5 beautiful song but the vocals kind of kill it. Still one of the 5 best songs from Joanne.
  4. Hello, my darlings!
  5. Literally haven't heard a single song by them... Little Shits are over.
  6. I did. She is trying to deflect by going as far as blaming her dancers and the entire team.
  7. Game

    Hell to tha no! Drowned World/Substitute for Love - 40 + Ray of Light - 85 Skin - 50 - Nothing Really Matters - 145 Frozen - 135 The Power of Good-Bye - 60
  8. Game

    I'm anti-circumcision! Drowned World/Substitute for Love - 40 Ray of Light - 80Skin - 60 -Nothing Really Matters - 145 +Frozen - 130 The Power of Good-Bye - 60
  9. Whereas PI wasn't good enough for a #4 peak or more than one week in the top 10.
  10. This stranded whale needs to fucking give up already. She fucked up. It was not all her fault but it doesn't change the fact that it happened if she keeps blaming everyone but herself. She could have delivered a good lip synched performance for WBT but instead she fucked up again and didn't even bother moving her lips and mouth halfway in. Her career is over and she needs to fucking DEAL WITH IT.
  11. Don't be rude. He is entitled to his's just not a particularly popular one!
  12. Not at all, sweetie. I'm sure the majority of the forum agrees that COADF and AL both shit on fucking Discipline.