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  1. Event

    someone upload in VIP
  2. Discussion

    #JusticeForBeAlright If cheap thrills can go from promo single to #1 after ages of it being out, so can Be Alright
  3. Celeb News

    Perched for the LG5rave : the LG5 ball tour
  4. Discussion

    Of course the visuals it had during the honeymoon tour were flawless
  5. Discussion

  6. Single

    I love a good ponytail
  7. Game

    Make Me Man On the Moon Love Me Down Just Luv Me Slumber Party Better Liar Coupure Electrique
  8. To follow up with Make Me: 2: Love Me Down 3: Beter 4: Just Luv Me 5: Liar /Glory era
  9. New side to side set
  10. Celeb News

    The album version better be longer
  11. Why is this the first time I'm seeing her doing choreo?
  12. Yas King but i peep that bulge tho