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  1. 02-hold_up.flac am i relevant now or am I reading too much into this?
  2. Event

    a certified ghey bop 9
  3. the gp at it with their tragic taste again they could've at least buy GH:MP or TSC
  4. y'all right now: i love fotp y'all have so much taste y'all when the winners are announced: i hate y'all tasteless fads
  5. Bey is sweeping inb4 this turns out like the Grammys
  6. Perfect Delusion indeed
  7. Ariana Grande - Into You Ariana Grande - Side To Side Beyonce - Formation Britney Spears - Slumber Party (f/ Tinasha) Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion
  8. come thru Formation
  9. since we're talking votes, remember to vote for jay1 in the current emote ellections
  10. dont choose and vote Dont Hurt Yourself instead
  11. um KB/FB wasnt nominated. Show cancelled
  12. i those nominees
  13. hold up why wasnt All Night nominated for best flop single
  14. perched for the best album track noms
  15. Dont Hurt Jesus and Freegod
  16. Glory isnt as good as the other albums nominated dont @ me
  17. not Brit getting 2 noms 4 flop single
  18. for a sec I thought the middle pic was Das Tina's Child
  19. we know who paid for it
  20. cum thru Bey
  21. I voted Bey for best male, best new, best group