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  1. yeah since we're all at it I'll get outside too
  2. Game

    Irreplaceable vs Irreemplazable
  3. For real tho
  4. Biology
  5. there was no spamming on this thread today. Everything was meaningful discussion
  6. Everyone's a Bey stan so yeah he must be
  7. I'll make sure to take this pic with me as visual aid too That will grant me an A+
  8. I'll tell my professors that during my finals I'm sure they'll understand
  9. you got that the mixed up sweetie
  10. me too Suddenly it's 8pm and I've been here for like 5 hours and done nothing
  11. Game

    Upgrade U vs Irreplaceable
  12. Politics

    I really do feel bad for her, she was thrown into politics all of a sudden and she has probably no escape now. Also the ammount of hate she's getting is so uncalled for.
  13. we outdid ourselves today and all thanks to jay1
  14. literally one of if not the cheesiest and most unimaginative song she has ever released
  15. I Was here stans
  16. no prob king
  17. Has kept me running since 2010
  18. unfollowed, blocked, reported
  19. I will not tolerate Sandcastles slander When her voice cracks just fuck me up Bey
  20. I let that slide but it surprised me too
  21. expose ha
  22. wow taste
  23. and she had the nerve to drop it from the reisssue
  24. omfg I see you look me up and down, I know you want my Jay
  25. stan What are your favorite songs?