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  1. Gossip

    I was about to ask why would she leave out a song if it's as good as Toxic? But then I remembered she also ditched masterpieces like Brooklyn Nights, Reloaded, Princess Die and NOBTR, so this is believable. Leak it fat
  2. Performance

    Intro - Pon De Replay/Rude Boy/What's My Name medley, similar to Gaga's medley but a little longer. 1. Work 2. We Found Love with WHYB elements 3. Only Girl 4. Don't Stop The Music 5. Wait Is Over/Rockstar 101 w/Slash 6. Sweet Child O' Mine w/GnR 7. Diamonds 8. Umbrella I think Fergie already did Sweet Child O' Mine with Slash unfortunately, but it'd still be cool to see Rih do it.
  3. Discussion

    Don't forget that time she poisoned an entire diner with Bey. These people should be locked away 
  4. A fucking mess This thread is already iconic.
  5. Discussion

    Only if I really love the artist or the album. I've definitely slowed down a lot recently. I only bought like 4 CD's last year, Anti, Dangerous Woman, Hardwired To Self-Destruct and Joanne
  6. I think overall Britney is bigger than Bey, but she'll probably surpass her when all is said and done. Is Janet really that big? I looked up some of her music on YouTube a while back and I didn't recognise a single song. I only know her for being Michael's sister and ha nip slip.
  7. Game

    West Coast > Video Games > Ride = Love > Sleep By The Beach.
  8. Love. It's simple and it stands out more. Young and In Love sounds too similar to Young and Beautiful.
  9. Single

    Ngl I had low expectations after Honeysnooze, but I really like it. It reminds me of Paradise 
  10. That doesn't sound shady at all!
  11. Celeb News

    Omg kings
  12. Other

    Ha 30th number one hit Cher is shook!
  13. Game

    Took me forever to remember Mary Jane Holland
  14. Just like how she has a song about God and loving yourself and a song about being in love with Judas on the same album. It really isn't that deep, they're just names and metaphors.
  15. Dance In The Dark, The Edge Of Glory, Joanne, Venus, Alejandro, Do What U Want, Come To Mama, Bad Romance, Bloody Mary, Gypsy, Sexxx Dreams, Government Hooker, Heavy Metal Lover, Poker Face, Diamond Heart and Telephone all shit on your existence so sit