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  1. Discussion

    Usually the melodies/music. Vocals always come last unless they're really bad and make the song awkward/hard to listen to (Perfect Illusion/Dope )
  2. M-Rex The Weeknd vs. Justin Timberlake
  3. Wait, is bg not a second Gaga section?
  4. Single

    It's gonna flop into oblivion, but I'm here for it. Second best song on Joanne Hopefully it's true.
  5. Other

    Circa 2010 Nicki Minaj better stan!
  6. Princess of pop! I guess all that praying the navy was told to do work.mp3ed
  7. Discussion

    Love the Fist Pound shade btw
  8. Discussion

    Jump has a feat.? Umbrella We Found Love isn't far behind though.
  9. Celeb News

    Give her ha Halo king!
  10. Celeb News

    Ugh. What a fucking queen
  11. We've been through this whole Gaga/Rihanna thing. Rihanna is currently releasing better music than Gaga + Rihanna is the bigger artist. People like her better, accept it and move on already
  12. Dear god yes. It should be warnable or something.
  13. Discussion

    This and if it's for Mayo she can cancel the entire era
  14. Discussion

    Amazing song. It's one of her best album openers. Hopefully it gets the single treatment after LOTB, I could see it smashing