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    Hated it at first but I love it now so I'm here for this
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  3. they seem good choices. persian sounds good with dat z parting shot. arcanine was useful for me in BOA and is a nice intimidater; altho isnt the strongest. decidueye is an interesting choice altho idk how useful it will be. Alakazam is a very good mon particularly if you or someone else runs psychic terrain. psychic terrain stops those shadow sneaks and sucker punches. Zam could also go sash or magic guard + life orb. I'd look for a special wall. Arcanine can be a really good pokemon to take hits and morning sun away damage with intimidate and will o for physical if its invested in special but there's stronger special defense pokemon. i'm sure u'll find somethin.
  4. its paper frail spdef tho. at least i have stinky lizard for it
  5. Litten used ember
  6. Slay. What team u bringing ?
  7. SIGN UP NOW @Max @Sean @Day Dreamer
  8. @Max @Sean @Day Dreamer y'all better let me know when your teams are ready so we can battle. Don't forget to download the rules for the tournament online (and update your game to 1.1). Sign ups begin on Thursday. My team is ready for anyone who wanna battle.
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    Everything here is flawless. Come thru Gaga
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    wait... didn't it peak at like #59? HOW is it silver? good news tho. one of the best loud songs.
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    nothing would please me more.
  12. Gonna pre-order Dragonball Fusions tbh. 


  13. i mean, the lum berry is much more useful in 6v6 but im unsure about 3v3. even with a DD, gyarados really wants a hydro vortex to nuke common threats, and there's only a small chance of finding a pokemon with scald or will-o.
  14. still trying to decide lum vs waterium z for Gyarados. I guess waterium might come in handier for 3v3 but also lum helps against crucial burns
  15. omg wat. rip. i remember watching this movie in Uni for ethics or something. watched it again last year coz i felt like it. its really sad but also eye opening.