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  1. Politics

    I am wholly and unequivocally against all capitol punishment. We're punishing him for murder, by murdering him in turn. What he did was heinous and being ambivalent towards executing him is not excusing his actions so don't even try it.
  2. Game

    True Blue - 60 Like a Prayer - 70 Erotica - 55 Bedtime Stories - 75 Ray of Light - 215 Music - 95 American Life - 205 Rebel Heart - 15
  3. Review

    Stan her best record where every song is a masterpiece, even Dear Jessie and Love Song! Perched for Erotica, it used to be my favorite Madge record but I find the second half is such a drag now. Someone didn't know how to cull
  4. Other

    Agreed with @P.O.P, Kylie has mentioned before his lack of interest in pursuing a platform. Seems more like you just want to drag someone Danii - who does want the fame - is a different story
  5. Probably no one on this board, but if you took a look outside the pop world almost every article written about her or the tour and its wiki page clearly state it Besides, Kate did it first and no amount of 'impact' will take that away even though most publications credit her with it
  6. Oop, that was actually Kate Bush On her 1979 tour she wanted to be able to dance while still singing live
  7. Game

    Tove Lo? I don't know how I got on the tag list, but I want to be off
  8. Queen of getting those coins
  9. Album

    I love that feeling when one of your main favs is prepping to release
  10. Some of these shoes are actually great I am perchedT for the 90's themed section
  11. Her album will flop anyway so I don't know why the label is bothering, but kii
  12. Celeb News

    Rose McGowan is the perfect example of being so 'open minded' that you're really very narrow. I stopped listening when she called all of middle America the poison of the country that needed to be eradicated and said that the only reason people don't vote for Hillary is because they hate women. There is no artistic integrity in being pretentious and inciting divisions with sweeping statements
  13. I only just heard it last night because I'm finally going through and listening to her B Sides and bond tracks, yet I saw hardly a whisper about this bop So what's the story, why is this pre-Amy Winehouse Jazz SOUL pop slay left in the dark?
  14. Why do you hate Erotica so much I mean, I used to stan it until I realised the second half gets really dull but it's still good