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  1. I actually googled her because your taste is usually good
  2. I actually prefer the revised title. It's simple, elegant and romantic like the song!
  3. Game

    A song that has really grown on me the past few months from being one of my least favourites, so I'll give it an 8. The middle of the album I find is the weakest, though the whole record is great.
  4. Celeb News

    Warner don't care about sharing his music, they care about the money I know streaming opens up the material for people more readily blah blah, but it should always be left to the artist's discretion
  5. My overrated choices still bop tho, and I'm only doing stan badges rather than all my faves without one Kate Overrated: Aerial. Underrated: The Red Shoes. Madonna Overrated: True Bue and Erotica, but a good half of it is amazing. Underrated: Like A Virgin and MDNA; even though the latter is trash it's still better than Rebel Heart and Hard Candy. Bowie Overrated: Hunky Dory. Underrated: Lodger, Tonight and Diamond Dogs. Lana Overrated: Born To Die. Underrated: Honeymoon. Britney Overrated: Femme Fatale. Underrated: Circus. Kylie Overrated: Impossible Princess. Underrated: X and Fever.
  6. Game

    I missed White Heat, what a bop But Secret gets nothing less than a 10.
  7. Event

    It's low key creepy. Stop it Madge
  8. Discussion

    I actually really like this song and it's one of my favorites on HC
  9. Event

    Your 'persona' is really tired now. Re-invent.
  10. Event

    If you gave a damn about the furthering of mental health education you'd show some compassion you know, like even once.
  11. Event

    Bit rich this is coming from you.
  12. I was never discussing my taste of music either, my comment about opinion was referring to my thought that some of the biggest acts right now were black; oop if that was wrong but I don't check for charts, only what I see in magazines and hear on the radio. I never denied institutionalized racism so please don't twist or put words in my mouth. I'm sensitive about being accused of all sorts of things simply because I was wrong about something as trivial as who is charting? Like choose your battles, ya'll came for me for no reason.
  13. I'e legit had enough of being called this over an opinion on music. Why don't you go do something useful and venture out into the streets to protest against actual white supremacists instead of sitting behind your screen calling me one when Beyonce, Kanye, Rhianna and Drake are far more relevant than any of our white faves. Bye
  14. Not when the majority of today's successful artists are black sis. Besides, this is a gross generalisation.