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  1. India launched 104 satellites from a single rocket on Wednesday, the most by any country in a single mission. The previous record was held by Russia, which sent 37 satellites into orbit in 2014. In 2014, ISRO put a satellite into the orbit of Mars, becoming the first Asian country to reach the red planet at fraction of the cost of a similar launch in U.S. and Europe. X
  2. Katy dragging Trump again and Theresa too
  3. Why not? She could do it with CTTR or even her next single. There are so many eras where the lead didn't go #1 but a subsequent single did.
  4. Music Video

    This has grown on me tbh. Much better when you can get the symbolism right
  5. This probably is her most symbolic video imo. (Add more if I forgot some) 1.The Trump Wall/No Place Like Home People getting thrown above the wall representing immigration ban 2.People dying No one caring about the people that are dying 3.The World War Candy There are 3 cotton candy in shape of nuclear explosions representing an upcoming World War 4.The Love Tunnel/Selfie scene Like, Emojis representing people caught up in the hands of social media addiction. Also, no gay/lesbian coules on the coaster. The guy getting more points than her representing sexism. 5.Inferno H2O Adulteration of Food/Products 6.Hamster Wheel Life being a repeated struggle(I think only the black and Asian one fell down representing racism) The clock ticking backwards representing going back to dark ages. The zombie like trance of the people. 7.Nuclear Family I think "nuclear"has a double meaning here + Her looking horrified at the end. I think I'm missing even more
  6. Music Video

    a bit underwhelmes ngl
  7. Tasso, is there some way to save PMs offline? dead2 

    my PM is getting kinda full.

    1. Tasso

      Not that I know of dead2 

  8. Justin Timberlake, however, said it anyway: “These guys are humble, they’re working with Pink and Taylor Swift and all your favorite [he means favourite] artists.” “Whoever you like that you know and whoever you like that you don’t know, in the next three years – that’s them.” No mention of Lorde, but that seems likely too. Oh and they’re working on Justin’s album too of course.
  9. Next year. Mark my words! A batch of new girls will come lad by someone who will have the world in her palms and revolutionze the pop scene.
  10. poor me getting into a prestigious university w/o reading comprehension tho
  11. new year, new chicks
  12. wth did I just read
  13. here

    the disco balls rip3