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  1. After her last single flopped miserably, all she is doing is dragging a real musician (Ed Sheeran) for blocking her on the charts and pretending to be the next Madonna for American Life era by dragging Trump 24/7/365. Face it girl, you don't have the vocals or appeals to pull it off. Go back in the studio and put out a boring Prism repeat like you always do.
  2. Celeb News

    Breaking news- Dr Luke will want intel on you and soon.
  3. Celeb News

    The Kesha-Dr. Luke fight has dominated headlines for over two years now. What started out as a sexual assault claim has turned into a mess of countersuits, court dates and a never-ending he-said-she-said which has dragged the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga into its fold. But now, in a strange twist, even supporters of Kesha are being pulled into the legal drama. Yes, supporters, as in fans and laypeople who took her side and decided to protest on her behalf or tweet their support with Twitter slogans like #FreeKesha. According to legal docs filed in the case and obtained by ENTITY, producer Dr. Luke is demanding that Kesha’s lawyer hand over all documents, communications and information related to protesters and social media campaigns which supported Kesha. Dr. Luke says he even wants info regarding the Twitter account, @KeshaTODAY, which is the “official Twitter account for the #FreeKesha Movement!” Perhaps Dr. Luke wants to find some incriminating evidence that Kesha rallied or coerced her fans to protest on her behalf in some elaborate scheme to tarnish his name and successfully break her contract. Or perhaps he’s doing what abusers typically do and trying to scare anyone who tries to help. Source
  4. She is tarnishing her career
  5. What if it is Taylor vs Ed album of Year? This forum won't like it very much
  6. King Ed Sheeran