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  1. Music Video

    Well when the Everyday stans have been hyping this up for the past two-three months, one starts to think Ariana may pull something of quality out of her ass, but then again this IS Ariana Grande's videography we're talking about here
  2. Celeb News

    She hasn't done a proper photoshoot in 84 years so I'm very content with this tbh
  3. More than likely! It just irks me that both Ariana and John have kept so quiet about it
  4. Album

    The album will be released, at the earliest May tbh. She said she wanted to release more singles before releasing the full album so a May/June album release will give her enough time to release single number 2.
  5. and that clumpy ass mascara
  6. Some baggy pants mess yes Tea her stylist is a tragedy but at least her makeup artist has gotten so much better!
  7. She literally could have served this look at the Grammy's this year but no the lazy bitch decided to stay at home
  8. Like for real, I'm ready to see this in action
  9. No idea All I know is that they filmed it but the rats wont say when its being released
  10. I'm still waiting for the damn Beauty and the Beast music video
  11. Thank you Princessiana outsold
  12. I love being petty with @Taylor and @Jae btw its one of my favorite activities xtina12 

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    2. Aidan.

      What the fucking fuck you rodents I literally upvoted you both

    3. Taylor

      yes I still love hannah btw xtina12

      when will Aidan get my love? xtina12

  13. Event

    To think I actually listened to it for you smh
  14. Do I see @Tasso liking the lyric video more?