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  1. Oh wow thank you! DW video remains boring but she still served looks in it
  2. Game

  3. Game

    Oh wow Alvin! Taste! This was the song that made me pre-order YT on iTunes!
  4. inb4 she spends that extra time looking dead into the camera and gives people a million reasons why they need to buy Joanne on iTunes today!
  5. When his favorite album is The Fame Monster and yours is Joanne


  6. Talent stanning and dating talent!
  7. I think I will cry tbh Just thinking about hearing those heavenly vocals live has me feeling some type of way
  8. Thinking about TBY being the encore Omg wig would fly
  9. Game

    Omfg yes the fanning makes the video so hard to watch istg
  10. Game

    Something bout Dangerous Woman made y'all give it an average rating of.... 8.355 Here are the current rankings: The next song to rate is... Right There
  11. They're cool yes but tbh they were so useless during the HMT She only used them to introduce what they were and then used them one more time during the bridge for Why Try and then they were taken off so
  12. What are you most excited to see during the tour? For me, I can't wait to see her perform Touch It and Thinking Bout You live for the first time ever I'm also really excited to see what visuals she has in store for us
  13. Omg thank you queen The DW video may be more boring than watching paint dry, but at least she served sex!
  14. Who needs a number one hit when she outsells, outlasts, and outimpacts the garbage that is #1 at the moment?