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  1. We will fight every step of the way you best believe that
  2. here

    I'm so proud of everyone in the marches today and those there in spirit. Thank you for standing with women and supporting us. We need to be there for each other more than ever xo

    1. #1

      MOM yas2 

    2. Kali

      I'm so emotional oprah4katyanna1


    3. #1

      Me too, i'm in the presence of greatness. ny3 

  3. Yeah I always fret that my joking around will be misinterpreted as real shade or that I'm taking things too far Which one
  4. I'm trying to find you a JJ set btw.




    1. Sylk

      OMG YES DO WE HAVE AN AVI cry7 I've been wanting a red set for a while tehe1 

    2. Kali

      Ask and you shall receive tehe1

      Btw I'm going to use a Chris set tehe1

    3. Sylk

      oh wow our coordination game is on POINT cry6 


  5. here

    It was very clever of you to quickly change the subject so you didn't have to pretend to like Raising Hope anymore. Never again. Consider this a friendship-break up. I'm leaving this website forever. Goodbye. 

    1. Kali

      If you try to break up our friendship I'll expose you. You know what I'm taking about. Don't test me!

    2. Kali

      Raising Hope was cute btw we should watch more of it happy1

  6. Oop I was like 'this is too harsh I feel bad lemme edit' I'm not a killer at heart just a money laundering gold digger
  7. No but if I were I might be able to identify at least one of the bodies out there
  8. UM excuse me, you come to class to learn rat, not pop a boner in my auditorium you can do that after class #KaliSCOLDS
  9. And put up "Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community" Thought that was already a thing when the police officers who killed Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and countless other go unpunished for their brutality
  10. here

    Lavender smells amazing


  11. You know I was beginning to think Sylk had you typecast as a nurse character but this is much more interesting