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  1. here

    It's enough just to make you feel crazy crazy crazy sometimes

  2. here

    I just recently discovered this song and it made me think of you (fitting title moo1

    It has a really nice 90s vibe idk if you know it already but I feel like you'd like it!


    1. Kali

      OMg this is a jam cry0 thank you for showing me hug1 

    2. Jae

      I can't believe I just found her she's so good scream1 


    3. Kali

      "How come we can't connect, how quickly you forget"  oprah1 I love these indie girls injecting new life into the music scene cry6 

  3. Congrats to Gaga. She put on a great show
  4. Ed is merciless
  5. There's a good reason for that
  6. It's possibly the worst song I've ever heard
  7. here


    1. Sylk

      "Kali do you wanna watch Raising Hope?" 


  8. I'm listening now a bop!
  9. This might be my favourite. It's a female perspective rather than shade though Jojo's version
  10. Ohhhh right I forgot about that. I thought Ed's was definitely the stronger track, however, his reasoning for being so pressed is bullshit since they weren't officially dating anyway
  11. This feud was sooo bad
  12. Was this in response to Superman? Never heard this before! OMMMGGG THE CHORUS
  13. I KNOOOW Fuck all those nights I moaned real loudFuck it, I faked it, aren't you proudFuck all those nights you thought you broke my backWell guess what yo, your sex was wack
  14. Artists have always been petty I see This one kills me. The girl's response is just